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    Let me get this straight, they didn't know about any of the zoning and tax issues yet were disgusted about it when they found out but it's the towns fault for finding out about improper zoning and the stations fault for reporting the news??? Even if it's all on Lowmaster, Bunce continued to operate the illegal opperations long after Lowmaster left mid summer. To get mad at the station and the town is laughable beyond belief.
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    I’m not familiar with the “Marketing Agent” who posted that nonsense and not clear on his role in the “team”. It’s unfortunate if his business will lose some revenue because the Church has decided not to work out something to continue the L operations by submitting a plan and appropriate requests to the Town. But he and Adam are the ones who have both chosen not to address the Town or the news stations. Too bad that the entertainment and marketing “professionals” can’t behave like adults. It sad to see them trying to inflame their fanatics to direct their outrage to manufactured “villains”....instead of acknowledging the issues and announcing what their plan is to address the matter. As I noted when this topic first cme up..... The L was up and running for over a year before the C&D order was issued. It's clear that members of the Town Board had to be aware that concerts and events were happening. But the C&D was only issued after multiple neighbors showed up at a Town meeting to register noise complaints.....and then discussion at that meeting "evolved" into debate and public scrutiny of the zoning and religious vs commercial businesses. So honestly, it feels like the Town had tried pretty hard to “look the other way” and not investigate or question the commercial nature of the L operations. And if they’d kept the volume down a bit, the Town may not have been pressured into explaining to residents why they were allowing it.
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    Well… https://twitter.com/SnoopDogg/status/1726616549099004309?t=dYQumo3qh-4SCyQknjQ9-Q&s=19
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    Imagine taking your kid that you took to an event why the former President talked about being pissed on: Source
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    And not one peep about it from anyone in Erin or Breesport that I'm aware of. I did see people posting about the Horseheads explosions. We are so used to the Tannerite they blow up around here that no one even pays attention anymore. That in itself is concerning.
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    That guy is such a complete POS it’s mind-boggling he was ever elected to begin with. He’s announced he won’t run for another term, but he’ll still get the pension and all the other benefits I’m sure.
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