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  1. The Mammoth Fan Page saying that Donner moved out. I went by the arena today and noticed there was no lights on the outside advertisement and everything was taken out of the shop.
  2. Honestly that John Carter film they did wasn't bad. The problem was the budget was so massive, and that super bowl ad that kicked off the advertising campaign was so awful.
  3. I'm not disagreeing that it doesn't take time but it feels like we would be at the next stage by now. They already did the so called "work" on the parking garage. Like help recruit businesses and help them. It's ridiculous we are still here in this spot. At least let the public know
  4. RANT: When will the city come together and start filling in these empty storefronts? They spend all this money on making the area's looking good with Clemens Square and the new building next to it. Plus the remodeling of the buildings on Lake Street yet no businesses have come to fill the spaces. Why is there no incentive program like if you bring your business here, Elmira will help with rent for the first 6 months or create an advertising program where they will pay for ads that air on WETM, WENY, the radio stations, social media etc. It's ridiculous that they still don't try harder to get businesses here. Heck the location of Clemens Square in between the First Arena and Clemens Center along with the parking garage. They could make that an entertainment district. Get a restaurant and a few shops there. People can come hang out before their event.
  5. While i'm happy that people found something new they like, (Personally I enjoyed the Jams 101.7) I feel 7 Mountains Media who owns the radio stations has really ruined the radio market by creating a monopoly. They own everything outside of 94 Rock, 995 WOKN, and the religious stations. There used to be some variety and had the political stations (820AM and 1230/1450am) and then WELM 1410.
  6. These Disney remakes haven't done much for me at all. Granted I know i'm not the main audience but they make money. Look at The Lion King. All the theaters had to do was play The Circle Of Life and people flocked to that. Now when they do Atlantis The Lost Empire, let me know.
  7. While Donner reeks of con artist, the problem here is that the county is also terrible. It's crap vs crap. While the FPHL hockey is not my personal type of hockey, it did have a following. It doesn't cost as much to run a team in that league and I think could survive here but Robbie is the only one who be willing to come back and we all know the county isn't doing that. I honestly don't know who could come in and save this arena.
  8. More then thrilled for Frank. Hes a fantastic interviewer.
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