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  1. LOL no. I just got busy with family and that. Sorry I didn't mean to offend.
  2. A thread on the FPHL Hockey team. I'm curious how many people have been to a game this season? I do feel their an upgrade over the Mammoth but still not that great.
  3. Meanwhile the Jets find new and creative ways to disappoint me. I can't wait for this season to end.
  4. Honestly the only way for these "news desert" to get any coverage is if someone like a Figure Lakes 1 or HomeTown News or whatever that one in PA is comes to that area. There sadly won't be anyone covering news from the big outlets anymore.
  5. No your thinking of the old Bon Ton location. But I still think the senior living complex would help. At the other end is pickleball courts as well.
  6. Maybe turn the Sears and now soon to be furniture store into senior apartments and have the mall cater to them. Not only do you give them access to Planet Fitness but have a few more stores catered to them. They can do their walking around the mall. Guthrie and Arnot are right across the way for doctors appointments. There are stores outside the mall like Walmart and Target not too far. Heck even try to get Regal to give seniors discount on tickets. Just throwing some ideas out there.
  7. I mean I don't know if you guys noticed but Comic-Con brought in a lot of business for the Food Courts this weekend. They were jammed packed on Saturday and even busy on Sunday. Big events in the event center could bring in extra business. The mall needs to fully reinvent themselves. Maybe look at what Binghamton is doing with their mall.
  8. My only question is which I assume you it is but is it replacing the Mall Moonies? or a different location like back in the day how there were two/three Friendly's?
  9. I'm still stunned Nick Grasso won reelection. Dude was caught drinking and driving yet no one seem to care which is flat out embarrassing.
  10. This race was a lot tighter then I possibly could ever imagine.
  11. I want this to work but man $18 for a corner ticket for lowest of the low hockey is ridiculous. I can go to cornell for top level division 1 hockey for $15. AHL in Rochester for about $20 bucks. It's just absurd and way too much. I rather go to the domes. At least that is fast paced and fun hockey.
  12. This is the first time I ever heard of this and I lived here my whole life. This is fascinating stuff
  13. I had a great seat for both debates and let me just say, Jim Hassell failed to really show any growth over both debates, not offering up solutions except "We gotta get better" and then trying to downplay the whole Nick Grosso DUI thing was so bad. Considering I seen no campaigning, he came in 10 minutes before the debate with no prep, he has no chance at winning this election.
  14. To be fair to the workers at the fair, they are all volunteers but saying that this year had a lot of errors and missteps. I do think there needs to be a little more investment from the county to try and right the ship, working with more media outlets on the big acts or weekly acts. I noticed in those pictures the grandstand had a lot of empty seats. I know it's a lot of work and resources that need. As for getting more use out of the fairgrounds, a farmers market on like a Tuesday or something wouldn't be a bad idea but even the big ones like the one in Elmira I notice have lacked vendors this year so I don't know how many they would get.
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