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  2. A new study, not yet peer reviewed, on the potential risks of COVID reinfection: https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-1749502/v1
  3. Well, “protecting others” from the law abiding citizens is an easy thing to do. Politicians live the low hanging fruit. ”Her Highbrowness…” that’s a good one.
  4. As I was LMAO at what Coumo with different plumbing was spewing tonight it was brought up on the media that the decision did indeed include The Rotten Apple and that area . But then again I would have to see that in writing before I believed it ! But her Highbrowness is going to fight this to the very end because it is a deterrent to her being able to protect her constituents! Oh , the abject horror , can you imagine a law abiding Citizen able to protect themselves or their loved ones from being harmed by the innocent ( aren’t they all ? ) criminal ?
  5. Just like how they did it in Rebels, the voice modulation of Hayden Christensen and James Earl Jones to create that clash of human and robotic voice just twists the knife of emotion even more
  6. Seems to me they say “in public”, that means NYC as well.
  7. and of course the Liberal Hive-mind and CNN imagine this.....
  8. likely not, since the Court did not strike down the ability of municipalities to restrict WHERE handguns could be carried....which i dont think it will take the New York State of mind long to use as a work around SCOTUS decision
  9. Damn.... what a way to end the season, the fight scene...AWESOME, the dialogue afterwards....misty eyes....Hello there, shit eating grin i had to bring up ANH scene where that toy Ben has is next seen to wife and middle pure tapestry how this franchise has been handled
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  11. I'm wondering if that means a CCW for upstate will now be welcome in NYC. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  12. How many of those shootings he cites had anything at all to do with a handgun? Considering we are talking about permit holders (who were restricted from leaving home with handgun after completing complicated application process)......I'm not sure where Justice Breyer is seeing this ruling as "easy access to firearms". Furthermore, it seems pretty ridiculous for him to suggest that CCP could even remotely impact "domestic disputes" or "suicide"....since they typically happen in the home: where permit holders guns already (and still) are -- regardless of CCP status.
  13. Also, they neatly sewed up the "...from a certain point of view." thing from ROTJ.
  14. I can not think of anything bad to say about the series at all. I was completely entertained through out the whole series. When he said "Hello There" I just about lost it.
  15. They would have been gone shortly thereafter anyway. Yes they were an eyesore before Agnes but were more structurally unsound and unsafe afterward and as mentioned in the Documentary many were just abandoned. That said , again the time of fearing the river should have been overcome years ago but due to some of our local businessmen at the time , an idea was forwarded to draw downtown businesses to a place called the Mall built on a piece of property conveniently owned by another local business and this move pretty much ended Elmira . Now , its well known that when those buildings were demolished had that portion of vacant land between Water St and the “Wall” been utilized as riverside parking with access to the river those buildings on the Northside would have been able to thrive from foot traffic due to the convenience of off street parking and recreational use of the river ( Oswego did just that ) But here we are again … Riverfront park was a bust from the get go and now we are going to have a “splash park” / troll shower ! Not to take away from Mr. LaVere’s work which paints the area as it could and can still be and I believe is little by little getting there by his pointing out the river as an asset instead of a liability!
  16. I drive through Downtown Elmira at least a couple times a day for work. And you know, it occurred to me recently that the street conditions in the very heart of the city, particularly in the area of Main Street and Church Street, are pretty bad. It seems as though if you want people to do business downtown, you’d make downtown as inviting and presentable as possible.
  17. Very nice ! The time for utilization of the river instead of fearing it seems to have finally come to pass ! And this is a good thing for all . Thank you Mr. LaVere , a very enjoyable watch !
  18. I’ve heard the last episode today was amazing. The best hour on television in a long time according to one of my friends.
  19. I can’t help but wonder what the outcome would have been had they not knocked down the buildings on the south side of Water Street.
  20. Last week
  21. Across the road there's a huge pile of composted hay and shavings with chicken and goat manure mixed in. It's broken down nicely so I brought some over and top dressed the blueberry bushes with it. I'm guessing it's not too acidic and I can mix it in to the garden beds this Fall, but I want to wait and test it to make sure.
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