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  2. You probably have how idea how helpful it is soothing it is to be back home. I had no idea, either. I blame @Mark for all that. He was the one who introduced me to your books. Speaking of which, I need to know how Jen is doing. I hate cliffhangers.
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  4. Take care of yourself and get some rest today, CP. you’re a week post-op, but every day your body is healing. Even if it doesn’t always feel that way.
  5. Woke up with a headache, my oldest kitty cat snuggled next to me helped a bit. Time for more oxy. I hate feeling like this, but at least the cancerous cells are gone... that I know of. Bipsy results are expected in a week or so. Love you all, please take care of each other. We are fragile and die easily.
  6. I get that the bail reform doesn’t let them be locked up while awaiting trial. But if/when they are convicted of something, then bail is out of the picture and they can be sentenced to jail time. If previous arrests resulted in appearance tickets, what’s been happening at those appearances? If charges from earlier arrests are being continually postponed or dismissed, then it's not the Sheriff's fault.....but there might be more blame locally than just the state “bail reform”. If he's found guilty at any of those numerous appearances....they should then be able to lock him up for some amount of time (as a sentence....completely unrelated to bail). If he fails to appear, the judge(s) can immediately find him guilty of contempt and issue a bench warrant with a sentence of some jail time.
  7. After the storm passed through last evening I took advantage of the cooler temps to hoe some weeds in the garden . Got it done but barely 🥵 . The Wife was sitting on the back-back enjoying her reading as I hustled to the house for a shower . All good so upstairs for some music time … wrong , five minutes up there was as bad as in the garden ! Rain and/cooler temps would be my Good Morning wish for us all but since I have no control over that … Keep Cool and hydrated !
  8. Side pain for a side sleeper is the pits and getting any restorative sleep in a recliner takes some getting used to but better than none . I hate being wide awake at two in the morning so recliner , ear buds and Apple Music are my go to . Just keep healing !
  9. But NY is making sure he’s not unjustly incarcerated. The rights of criminals is so very important no matter the consequences to others. I don’t miss working in the Court.
  10. Good morning everyone. If you have to be outside today be careful.
  11. I truly hope your healing goes quickly. Sometimes when Hubby has pain keeping him awake it helps him sleep when he lays back in his recliner.
  12. Howdy, everyone! It's been a week. Shit still hurts AF. Sleeping is nearly impossible, as my default is on my belly. Sides are too close to comfort.
  13. Polish citizens. despite their thousand-year history of justified hatred toward Russians, are getting weary of he everlasting aid their country provides to the Ukrainians, it being a military or a social one. Yes, most of the refugees are women with school-aged kids, fleeing a horrible situation (after their country is attacked by hordes of unwashed, illiterate, violent drunks), but the resulting state of abnegation (unwillingness to work, mostly) while the country they moved to deals with a really bad inflation is a real sore point. Leaving the main train depot in Warsaw gets you exposed to well-dressed, bonga-playing men in their 20s, wandering around. It makes you realize that the best-looking/sounding (I know it's not Russian they are communicating in) people are not the 8am-4pm citizens who make sure those folks are safe.
  14. This fella is a shit show. Gets arrested 3X a week every week. Great laws NY.
  15. There is so much neglect in the town of Southport as I stated previously
  16. Very cool! And although I only know two tracks from it, still a great album!
  17. For sure! Strange truly represents the whole county! He's one of the few that I feel term limits may be less applicable. The "non consecutive" clause will allow him to run again if (after 2030) his predecessor doesn't meet that district's needs.
  18. Speaking of 80s album cover art.... Source
  19. 70's and 80's album cover art was the best.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Thank you Sir and Semper Fi ! Yes Rodney does put out a Great deal of information on a broad range of topics around the County , not just his District. Says a lot about his character!
  22. Would / could you folks please stop being so cryptic, we are a discussion group . Please be a little more specific?
  23. don’t think rodney has a say on town rules or laws being county. but hes been good making donations and promoting local things and always at public events to answer questions. he pushed hard for veterans to get property tax breaks and let us know how to get it. which nobody from town bothered to do.
  24. Upstate: Police have identified the victim as 21 year old Zachary T. VanHorn. No further information is being released at this time and the Elmira Police Department is still actively investigating this incident. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Elmira Police Department Detective Bureau.
  25. The Chemung County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of 48-year-old Timothy L. Coolbaugh of Breesport and charged him with Arson, a Class C Felony. According to the Sheriff's Speartment, on June 19, 2024, members of the Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence on Jackson Creek Road, in the Town of Horseheads, to investigate a house fire. Upon the arrival of deputies, the fire was confirmed to be suspicious and multiple other extinguished fires were located in and around the residence. The Criminal Investigation Division of the Sheriff’s Office was contacted for further investigation and New York State Fire Investigators were called to the scene. After further investigation the fire was determined to be intentionally set utilizing commonly available combustibles. As a result of the investigation, the owner of the home, Coolbaugh was arrested for Arson in the 3rd Degree and arraigned by Horseheads Town Court on the charge. The Seriff's Office reports that Coolbaugh was subsequently released due to bail reform laws.
  26. He been silent on the whole situations so mum the word
  27. cool history. didnt know this.
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