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  2. Sure they’ll look at it. Then laugh and mine on. You’re asking 15 people to vote themselves out of a salary and insurance. Riiiighht.
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  4. I KNOW is saw it, but cannot find it fr the life of me but, i saw that Chairman Margeson has assigned committee to look into the number of Legislators as well as how the Executive is chosen (elected or appointed by Legislature) while these are good questions to be asking, i think its also important to give equal weight to studying a return to a Board of Supervisors in place of a Legislature. I did send him an email( after deleting the question of FB not right place for it anyways) hoping at minimum a reply best case is they do actually look at it
  5. Like inflation and crime.....I’m more interested in responsibility and solutions than “blame”. Out government isn’t necessarily to blame for the “sitch” over in Ukraine, but sure seems eager to throw unlimited resources at it. (Under the presumption that it will indirectly provide security and stability in an abstract "global" sense). Assigning blame isn't a requisite for expecting those who have the obligation/responsibility (and the authority) to implement policies and prioritize resources that directly provide security and stability for the people they represent. Whether that's crime, economic crisis or border crisis that are running out of control.
  6. I'm not giving it a pass, but I also don't think we can give sole blame either.
  7. The premise that "it's always been an issue" seems a little understated (trivialized?) when the issue has an alarming and significant rate that's out of alignment from historical trends. Like crime and inflation, border crossings and illegal/undocumented entry is a phenomenon that has been around forever. Also like crime and inflation, the border issue is currently at a high/peak that is not consistent with historical rates. Most people don’t look at inflation or crime at rates not seen since the 80s and 90s and chalk it up to "it's always been an issue".....so it doesn't seem like the southern border's spike should be given a pass either.
  8. The thing with the southern border is nothing new. How many presidents have owned that particular problem? There's a reason they don't take it seriously, any of them, from Biden on back. As for Ukraine? F--k it. Let's relive the good old days of the early 90's and have the entire world gather on their eastern border.
  9. Kirby did clarify that Ukraine's military structure has smaller (2 company) battalions than ours.
  10. so doing some quick reading before bed i found the following: a tank battalion consist of 56 tanks( 4 tank companies consisting of 14 tanks each crewed by 4 soldiers) approximately 400 to 100 soldiers total. as for Zelinsky asking for planes; i fugure why not, ask for missiles get drones, ask for jets, get more tanks. this is literally a David v Goliath situation, just because he asks, doesnt mean we HAVE to provide. as to military readiness, im surprised such info is actually posted but i found the following synopsis: " In the aggregate, the United States’ military posture is rated “weak.” The 2023 Index concludes that the current U.S. military force is at significant risk of not being able to meet the demands of a single major regional conflict while also attending to various presence and engagement activities. It most likely would not be able to do more and is certainly ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous MRCs—a situation that is made more difficult by the generally weak condition of key military allies. The downgrading of the Air Force from “weak” to “very weak,” downgrading of the Navy from “marginal” to “weak,” and a Space Force score of “weak” have led to the first downgrade of the overall score since the inception of the Index. In general, the military services have continued to prioritize readiness and have seen improvement over the past few years, but modernization programs continue to suffer as the failure of resources to keep pace with inflation leads to cancelations, truncation, or delay. The services have normalized the reduction in size and number of military units, and the forces remain well below the level they need to meet the two-MRC benchmark. Mounting U.S. federal debt and creeping inflation will pressure defense accounts further at a time when competitor countries like China and Russia are redoubling their efforts to expand and improve their military forces. If it continues on this trajectory, the U.S. risks falling very short in its ability to secure its core national interests." https://www.heritage.org/military/an-assessment-of-us-military-power now, this is concerning to read particularly since that historically, the US has outspent many Nations in this area, so it does beg the question What the hell happened to the money? secondly, perhaps, as the reports seems to indicate, much of the equipment is "outdated", maybe shipping over some stockpiles and equipment is a way to clear the way for upgraded material? as to getting the stuff back; i assume its much like all the tonnage that was left in afghanistan and Iraq before that....unlikely https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/9/30/americanize-the-defense-industry-supply-chain https://www.defense.gov/News/News-Stories/Article/Article/2937898/dod-report-consolidation-of-defense-industrial-base-poses-risks-to-national-sec/#:~:text=Over the last 30 years,satellites have all declined dramatically. the above links are concerning as they seemingly indicate that manufacturing capacity has been dramatically affected by poor decision making or just outright incompetence on the part of our illustrious government. if the Fed remains intent on this path, then it is WAY past time for countries in the European region to start picking up the slack, perhaps its time to tell the UN to kick sand and take up real estate somewhere else the sad thing is, Principle dictates we cannot stand by while Russia continues its aggression and, frankly, criminal actions no one reading this would not stand idly by while a weaker person was being repeatedly beaten by a bigger person for no reason other than they could, The United States cannot either....and shame upon the UN and NATO for their inaction
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  12. Senator Paul made THIS point.... I believe I even heard him say that the menus for White House dinners are "classified"
  13. Just a thought . Instead of sending billions in equipment every six months or so out of our already depleted military stocks in an Easterly direction so that a crooked so called leader can bring down more wrath on his own people why not do this . Send our military to our Southern border along with our tanks , artillery and yes even more importantly our jets to protect our own people from the wrath of the cartels , gangs and drugs that are killing thousands here in OUR COUNTRY ! Look , the cartels are here , now in full force no thanks to our own piss poor so called leadership , with thousands more just dancing across the border each day . As I see it we are creating a vacuum effect … by blowing all our resources to the East out of This Country the Government is creating that vacuum effect , sucking in from the South more drugs , corruption and wasting resources that should be going to more deserving individuals. Anyone feeling triggered yet by my overuse of the word Our , if so just take a good look at what’s happening here in the good old USA , no matter what News feed you prefer . Look at the way these illegal Immigrants are using the aide that is Given them , the food they refuse to eat , the destruction of housing provided … but the beer is acceptable it would seem . There is Our invasion the cartels are our Putin , Biden is our Zelinsky and the invading troops are easy enough to spot amongst the influx of Armies of illegal immigrants ! I don’t think i have gone too far off topic here , no matter , as I said these are my thoughts I have drawn from different Media outlets . We all come to our own conclusions from Informational Sources we use without being force fed by any of them , I believe we are All more intelligent than that . Whew all that said I still do not support any further military aide to the Ukraine !
  14. I've been (mostly) listening to Admiral Kirby's press conference. Maybe someone paying closer attention caught better details....my take aways and questions so far: 1) Now we're sending enough tanks for a "battalion" (31), and it sounds like someone else (Germany?) is sending twice that. Kirby says it will take a couple of months for ours to be delivered (I didn't catch any timeline for the other nation's tank delivery). Not happy that we continue to up the stakes, but glad others are throwing in support along with us. The couple months timeline does make me feel like they not only perceive an escalation - but don't expect it to be short term if we aren't addressing for a few more months. 2) He sort of hedged answering whether he expects our "discussions" with China to curb their Russian support will be heeded. An Asian reporter had a good point....in that China not only has a LOT of equipment to share with Putin, but is also potentially watching US inventory and could calculate when a critical portion of US military resources become tied up in Ukraine and leave them more opportunity to time a Taiwan offensive. 3) Thought I heard that Zelinsky thanks us for the tanks, and asked if we can add fighter jets. Seriously? So not even pretending we're ever expected to slow our roll? I know, "whatever it takes", right? We aren't using the patriots, we aren't using the tanks, I'm sure we aren't using the jets either. But, to the above #2 point.....are we manufacturing more? Do we have a plan to get the stuff back at some point, and under what circumstances? Or is like those hedge trimmer you lent the neighbor and you know you'll never see it again? If an NATO/ally gets struck, and the US ever needs to commit troops.....they will need some of that stuff.
  15. Not that it would do much good, but there should be serious thought put into disclaimers at beginning of related programs telling folks whether it is an actual news broadcast versus opinion show
  16. Yes and I thought it summarized this whole “identity” BS perfectly.
  17. Well the bulge would just be showing that its a peanut m&m
  18. I’m sure, if you start checking more politician’s homes, you’ll find there are quite a few who are in on the fun too.
  19. I just saw something that said one of the M&M’s (not sure which one) identifies as a Skittle and that some gummy worms identify as bean sprouts. Not losing any sleep.
  20. As unwatchable as Tucker is.....the View is jaw-droppingly worse in their grasping for stuff to complain about. He weaves crazy speculative conclusion from random unrelated facts....they often just make up stuff that isn't remotely true, and their retractions show no remorse. Most recently, poor Alec Baldwin is being crucified by a "far right MAGA" prosecutor.
  21. I know, and the County also used ARP to buy weapons for school resource officers....bad precedents shouldn't be an excuse. LOL
  22. kind of good idea except: as MsK noted its a recurring fee funded from a one-time payment and at best this is now a 125k/year deduction from those funds that could have been better spent incubating new businesses, rehabbing properties, building out public transportation etc. who the hell cares if this system ends up increasing apprehension of EVERY criminal that commits and offense? Since theyll be back out on the street in hours anyways. County did it with arena monies i believe( not that thats a good enough reason)
  23. Believe me I don’t need reminding. And everything I’ve said about the right can and should be applied to the left. I don’t have time to give examples from both “sides” for the sake of appearing balanced. It’s all f—king stupid to me. However I cited Tucker Carlson because he was the one most recently having a cow about the M&Ms and their attire. Likewise for Malkin and the dreaded “furries” that everyone suddenly realized exist.
  24. 1. reminds me of this skit. 2. find it very ironic, in light of this skit, that she is now the spokeswoman( not that it offends me i lugh every time i see it) 3. Malkin et al may have glommed onto it, but id remind you there were folks of the port-persuasion that were outraged enough to yap about the M&M's not being inclusive....if we are going to call out crazy, lets at least be honest and fair about it, its not like CNN or MSNBC pay tolls on the high-road folks
  25. Actually I was talking to my brother about this awhile back , he had seen something In Ithaca and was telling me about it . Yes I watch Fox News but not Mallkin or Carlson … too intense for me .
  26. receiving money for doing your job is called a SALARY. if it isnt enough, find better/more work or stick it out until you have means to find better employment. Gratuity, or Tip is to show appreciation and/or thanks for going above ones job duties. theres an argument saying "well these folks are not making a "living wage" and count on tips to make ends meet." 1. see point made above 2. im all for capitalism but increasingly i feel perhaps Lawmakers should start, not only looking at, but limiting profit margins and CEO pay/bonuses, since these companies enjoy generous tax breaks, incentives, federal "loans" that taxpayers have the priviledge of repaying...of course that would mean those politicians would have to cease entertaining the brib...i mean lobbying. of course in a system where a corporation is considered a person so money spent on campaigns is considered free-speech; we shouldnt be surprised at the situation.
  27. Oh I know, and it probably did because it's the outrage de jour. Malkin, Carlson, et al just happened to glom on to it.
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