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  1. It was the original broadcast. We weren’t impressed but you guys seemed to enjoy the show.
  2. Maybe I’m a tiny bit from each. Nothing I read screamed completely me.
  3. The way things are now I’d say more special treatment for criminals.
  4. I did hear on a news show that Disney stock went from $201 per share last year to $95 or so per share now.
  5. Ann

    First Arena

    What was forgotten was available parking. Yes, there’s a parking garage in the City that no one wants to use. The Clemens Center built next to a parkway that’s used as a race track for vehicles speeding through the City. Try crossing that, day or night, to get to the Center for an evening show. All poorly designed by “experts”. Tear the Arena down, set aside parking space, then build smaller buildings for retail, restaurants, bakeries, and other small speciality businesses to draw people to the area.
  6. How can the company be responsible for what consumers do with the product? Oh, wait, if gun manufacturers are responsible for what people do with their products why not go after other companies. Let’s drive more business out of NYS Ms. James.
  7. Not to mention the personal injury lawsuit aspect. I’ve had pedestrians and cyclists look right at me as if daring me to hit them.
  8. I’m beginning to wonder if Republicans really want to win anything.
  9. Technically not off topic. Didn’t the Supervisor say the property tax increase was because the County raised property taxes, not the Town.
  10. I thought mail in ballots were counted on Election day. How can they declare winners if there are still ballots to be counted?
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