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  1. Ann


    I was wondering if he was still open. I’m sorry to see it’s for sale.
  2. True. The television show has way too many commercials.
  3. I see he’s back on air but the television show isn’t as interesting as his radio program was. I liked the live callers it made things interesting hearing what other people thought about different topics.
  4. It appears Desantis will be announcing his candidacy too. I remember when he was running for re-election as governor in Florida he said he wasn’t interested in a Presidential run in 2024. He still had work to do for the people of Florida. Is there such a thing as a politician who honors their word?
  5. I will not call them migrants, they are illegals. There are immigration laws already in place that should have been enforced from the beginning. This is an invasion.
  6. These areas under the bridges need to be completely blocked to prevent living in these spaces. Fencing or fill the area with large chunks of rocks or concrete that can’t be moved.
  7. I’d say the 24 hour news cycle is a large part the of the problem. There are no such thing as journalists today, no one investigates to get to the truth and reports just the facts. Politicians are not held accountable. Our so called media are biased based on which party they favor and that’s apparent when what they promote as news is nothing more than their opinions. Agendas are what matter not the truth.
  8. Remember, you are talking to the woman who can watch Deadpool, Dave Chappell, etc. and not see enough of the humor to laugh. Hubby says I don’t have a sense of humor but I like to think my sense of humor is more refined than his. For instance, when my sister’s husband did something he thought was funny and she didn’t, he told her she didn’t have a sense of humor. “I sleep with you” she told him. Now I thought that was hilarious and LMAO when she told me.
  9. I could never understand the popularity of this show.
  10. Is it just me but it seems like there’s an increase in child porn/sexual abuse in this area. I truly can not understand why the idea of children in these situations is appealing. These individuals need to be permanently isolated from the rest of society. An island with no Wi-Fi, electricity or escape sounds good to me.
  11. Words are often inadequate when offering comfort. You have your memories of Ed and the life you created and shared together. Thank you, your words describe a very special man and the life he lived.
  12. We just started watching Season 3. I wanted to wait until all episodes were available instead of watching week to week. So far, we are enjoying the show.
  13. Our legal system is too much like Monty Hall’s “Let’s Make A Deal”.
  14. I can not understand how any human being could do this to a child. In my humble opinion, no excuse for this behavior is acceptable.They all need to be removed from society permanently and at this point in time I don’t care how it is done.
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