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  1. I was introduced to Constant Comment tea a few years ago and is one of my go to teas on a chilly Autumn day.
  2. “Remorseful without feeling ashamed”. Will Smith should feel shame so I don’t buy his apology. Wonder if he’s having trouble getting offers?
  3. It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Like my son always says; concealed is concealed and he saved lives.
  4. This is delicious.
  5. The proposed list of areas where concealed carry are restricted is amazing. Parks, public transportation, any place children gather, medical offices, Malls, stores ( unless the store posts a sign stating concealed carry welcome), etc. The way it’s looking you will be able to safely carry in your home and on your property. I am sure the criminals will obey this new feel good legislation.
  6. Ann

    The Stalwart

    I have no doubt you both will stand strong against whatever the future brings.
  7. Hubby and I are so very sorry for your loss. I’ve come to understand that rescued dogs are so very special, as we have Lady who joined our family. They instinctively know their new home is special and I believe the love they give is extra special. Thank you for sharing Sammy’s story.
  8. Spoilers don’t bother me.
  9. So give him a spinal and his back won’t hurt.
  10. I never had any doubts this would be rammed through. Now those “Politicians” ( sorry for the foul language) can Pat themselves on their backs and say “we’re the first to do something” again.
  11. NYS has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the Nation. How about a law that says if you use a gun in the commission of a crime, whether you pull the trigger or not, you automatically get 20 years in prison upon conviction for that alone. Sentencing for other charges to be added to that.
  12. I loved this show, the characters and story line. The ending was perfect in my opinion.
  13. Still have the last three episodes to watch but Deja did previously tell Randall he was her Dad after they made peace over the boyfriend.
  14. There was a wait for the blood test results and sometimes a defendant got lucky when results were lost.
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