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  1. It was a favorite of my Dad and being 1 of 13 kids I can understand why.
  2. I like dill pickle and mayonnaise sandwiches, macaroni and milk with salt, pepper and butter, kimchi on my burgers, beets(pickled or plain), hot dog with butter on the bun.
  3. I don’t think I’d want to know what my books and ebooks would say about me.
  4. I can not imagine trying to raise a family with today’s prices and shrinkflation.
  5. Didn’t NY, years ago, say we had to get rid of glass bottles and paper bags to save the planet?
  6. What 18 News showed on their evening news was animals in a pasture of mud. I didn’t see food or water and I don’t believe cows and horses eat mud. But they didn’t see signs of neglect smh.
  7. I tried watching when he first came on air but the commercial breaks were too frequent for me. I loved his call in radio program and listened every day.
  8. Perhaps the problem wasn’t the dog but the person doing the training.
  9. I can’t help but wonder why they won’t support him. As for me, who ever the Kennedy family endorses means nothing to me. I don’t believe the Kennedy name has the clout or draw as the former Kennedy and Attorney General did. I don’t believe they would recognize this current America.
  10. Ann

    Brand Park Pool

    It’s not about the study, it’s about sharing the money.
  11. Ann

    Local News Bites

    Would not be surprised that the bicyclist ran the red light or just crossed in front of the bus.
  12. Ann

    "Shogun" Trailer

    We read the book and watched the original series with Richard Chamberlain so just two more episodes is ok. They are doing an excellent job this time around.
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