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  1. With it being so dry so soon, I think we are in for another crappy year for gardens and growing anything in general.
  2. Chris

    First Arena

    Full examination and all of it made public. I wouldn't trust the foxes to tell us everything is all fine in the henhouse.
  3. Chris

    First Arena

    I'm not too optimistic. They have that ARP money burning a hole in their pocket, and history is proven they love to throw good money after bad. They can't help themselves when it comes to this place. I don't mean to sound so pessimistic, but I'm sick and tired of this place failing over and over and over.
  4. Chris

    First Arena

    Well great, back to square one with a giant building sitting empty in the middle of downtown.
  5. Turns out 125 reed tubes isn’t a whole lot. Didn’t even fill one box, so I improvised and added natural materials: Im gonna hit Hobby Lobby and see if they have something similar, perhaps made of cardboard and cheaper.
  6. You and I are gonna get along well. I loved it, and have long said it was bad marketing that doomed it. And, it should have been John Carter of Mars. It would have gotten more attention.
  7. Fortunately I haven't planted a lot that I can't replace, but I hate to spend yet more money doing so. I still have about a bed and a half completely unplanted still.
  8. Yeah I was on the fence about if it was necessary or not. Glad I did, there was definitely a frost here last night.
  9. I absolutely loved this show in the 80's, but of course didn't quite get the full implications of it until I grew up. The two miniseries were good, although the whole half-breed "star child" plot was stupid. It got even more stupid with the weekly series. I've read the books, including the one based on the screenplay more as Johnson intended. There was also a sequel he wrote that wasn't too shabby either. The 2009 reboot had such potential, but they dropped the ball on it. This article was really interesting, especially as a fan. I had no idea that the Robin we saw on screen wasn't the original actress they intended.
  10. Yeah some kind of status update wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. I know we’d post it here for sure.
  11. Well for some of us, it was the closest thing we had to cartoons on the other six days of the week. And even then, only when we were at Monkey Run Rd where WSKG came in!
  12. I remember them all, and fondly I might add. This reminds me of an idea I had for another topic, though not sure it’ll work. From Sesame Street:
  13. I’d love to see another John Carter movie, but have a better chance of going to Mars myself!! 😄
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