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  1. Mahomes' little temper tantrum was pretty unbecoming yesterday. And no, Miller was NOT offsides on the very next play. Every slowed down post I see trying to show it was actually proves otherwise.
  2. I saw somewhere that in order to live the same lifestyle you did in 2021, you’d now need $15,000 more dollars a year. At first that seemed crazy, but looking at inflation but also “shrinkflation” that’s happening at the same time I’m inclined to believe it.
  3. I’m not what you’d consider an “easy mark” for pressure tipping LOL. Bartenders, servers, etc., always get a tip. If it’s shitty service, it’ll be a shitty tip ( as someone told me, “So they know you didn’t just forget.” ) but that is extremely rare as I’m pretty easy going. If I see them having a bad night, I’m more understanding and more liable to tip extra, just because. But the tip jars and the tablets prompting you everywhere you go is nuts. We were at a coffee shop out of town one time and the “barista” had a surly attitude, yet didn’t fail to mention the button “if you wanna leave a tip.” Heres a tip princess: Lose the attitude.
  4. I don’t like to put myself into any pre-determined box, but I guess the closest I could come to would be #4. And even then, I don’t know. I just believe in older ways I guess. Do what you say you’re gonna do, be true to your word, do t tolerate BS, look a person in the eye when you talk to them, firm handshake, etc. Novel ideas in this world, I know. Maybe that’s why people frustrate me so much.
  5. Lucas claims he had no part in its making, but I recall reading something that said he actually did but walked away from it at the last minute. My guess is because he knew what a steaming pile of crap it was. I love Star Wars, and I always will. But man, this is bad. Funny enough, I actually have a vague memory of seeing it when I was really little. But I’d have been four, so I don’t know that it was the original broadcast I saw. However it was only shown once. Who knows.
  6. If you’re blocked from Joe’s legislator page, you’re not going to see anything he posts using it. Even on other pages apparently. Legally deemed a violation of your civil rights by the courts, but Joe only cares about freedom for those who agree with him.
  7. You can find it in response to a post on this page. In a follow up, apparently just doing the job you were elected to do in the first place is enough to justify giving yourself a raise:
  8. 🙄 What ever helps you sleep at night Joe. But guess what? A lot of us haven’t gotten raises that have kept up with the rate of inflation. As to the argument that it’s “fair for the work we do”, I’ll once again refer to my above, uh, literary reference: Again, I applaud McCarthy, Morse and the others who voted against giving themselves a pay raise.
  9. My social media timeline is where shit like that goes to die. Absolutely and quoted for truth.. Right behind this would be the false equivalency argument: “Well, you don’t like _______ so you must support _______.” As if the only choices were A or B.
  10. I see this morning that not only is the "Elmira R.I.S.E" business which just had a ribbon cutting Nov. 30th already done, but Downtown Grind is up for sale as well. Read more here.
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