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  1. While I am bummed tomorrow is the last episode, I can't wait to see how they end this season. I've no doubt it'll be a cliff hanger, but I can't help but think it's gonna be tough to beat the past few episodes.
  2. Yeah I just saw last night that he was expected to die soon. Too bad.
  3. Jimmy Buffett “NEW YORK (AP) — Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, who popularized beach bum soft rock with the escapist Caribbean-flavored song “Margaritaville” and turned that celebration of loafing into an empire of restaurants, resorts and frozen concoctions, has died. He was 76.” Source
  4. This is an amazing undertaking, though I'm sure when she started she never thought that some day it could be digitized and shared worldwide. I recall watching that 9/11 tribute concert, where Hilary Clinton came out and was boo'd. That never made it to the recorded version, I don't believe. I had the 2 tape VHS version but never did watch it to confirm. I'm sure the footage from 9/11 would be an interesting thing to watch. If memory serves me right, it was one of those, "We're not sure what's happening but we're gonna report it as it happens" kind of days.
  5. I got an answer about the FQHC center from a very good source this afternoon, and it is still happening. Very good news!
  6. The leaves generally start to fade about this time of year, but some of them seem to be turning earlier than usual. I noticed this particularly up along the lake. We could very well have a cold, snowy one.
  7. Find them on Facebook here. For the third or fourth time we've had Superclean come to do a good cleaning of our carpets. Again, I can't say enough good about them This business is locally owned and operated. Ryan and his crew always manage to breathe new life into our floors, getting out the majority of stains from dogs, food spills, and just normal traffic wear. Their communication is excellent. You'll know when they're on their way and they have always arrived on time. Every time I consider pulling up the carpet and buying new, I give these guys a call first. Their rates are very reasonable as well, certainly far cheaper than a new carpet! Next time you want your carpets to be cleaned, don't bother renting one of those steam cleaners in the stores. Call Superclean and let them do it.
  8. Then again, you have slack jawed mouth breathers hoping to take Mitch’s place: Kettle, meet the pot.
  9. I wonder how old it was. And I can't help but wonder how old it could have gotten to be. Don't get me wrong, they harvested it legally and well within their rights. I have no issues with that. Just makes me wonder.
  10. I saw on the news last night that Catholic Charities is setting up a dormitory style homeless shelter in Elmira. It'll be able to accommodate 48 people, but not families, and will be separated into sections for men and women. I'm curious how long until they see issues like other places ran into, with people wanting to stay there and not follow the rules.
  11. I won't laugh at someone else's misfortune, no matter how despicable I find them. But apparently "Glitch McConnell" was trending, and I have to confess, I snorted.
  12. Seeing these people bumbling and fumbling around, or missing long periods of legislative business, it's definitely concerning. One need only look at the likes of Joe Biden, Chuck Grassley, and of course, Mitch for proof. I'm sure any legislation putting an age cap on this would be met with great resistance, perhaps even cries of "age discrimination". But as mentioned, there's a minimum age, which is also arguable age discrimination.
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