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  1. Well, “protecting others” from the law abiding citizens is an easy thing to do. Politicians live the low hanging fruit. ”Her Highbrowness…” that’s a good one.
  2. Seems to me they say “in public”, that means NYC as well.
  3. Also, they neatly sewed up the "...from a certain point of view." thing from ROTJ.
  4. I drive through Downtown Elmira at least a couple times a day for work. And you know, it occurred to me recently that the street conditions in the very heart of the city, particularly in the area of Main Street and Church Street, are pretty bad. It seems as though if you want people to do business downtown, you’d make downtown as inviting and presentable as possible.
  5. I’ve heard the last episode today was amazing. The best hour on television in a long time according to one of my friends.
  6. I can’t help but wonder what the outcome would have been had they not knocked down the buildings on the south side of Water Street.
  7. Across the road there's a huge pile of composted hay and shavings with chicken and goat manure mixed in. It's broken down nicely so I brought some over and top dressed the blueberry bushes with it. I'm guessing it's not too acidic and I can mix it in to the garden beds this Fall, but I want to wait and test it to make sure.
  8. Chris

    The Offer

    A while back I heard someone talking about this show on the radio and it sounded pretty interesting. I'll have to check it out.
  9. Last week was pretty intense, and seeing Vader in his "earlier" and perhaps most vicious years is amazing. Can't wait to see what this week brings.
  10. LOL, all I can think of is this: A lot of people say, "I don't like Tom Cruise." Dude... no one really likes him. But he's one hell of an actor and it's an action packed movie.
  11. I remember going to visit my great-grandfather and either he or his significant other read this “paper.” Even as a kid I knew this stuff was crazy, but at the same time it was entertaining as hell. Years later when sitting on post as a paramedic I’d grab a copy now and then for a good laugh. I remember well the Bat Boy stories. That creepy ass kid sure made his rounds.
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