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  1. Cannot wait. I never finished the abomination that was the "Crystal Skull" and I hope this is better. Anyone else catch this image? Look familiar? 😃
  2. I know it's not only because of inflation, but the prices on eggs right now is mind blowing:
  3. Chris


    1286 Lowman Rd., Lowman NY 14861 Facebook Page When Bob's opened as an ice cream and coffee shop a couple years ago, I told the owner outright I thought he was nuts. Location is everything, and it didn't seem like there was enough demand for an ice cream stand out in the country anymore. Time has proven me wrong in that respect, as people really seem to enjoy it. So I should have known better to think maybe he was a little nuts when it came to opening year round and serving pizza, wings, etc. But nevertheless, we recently ordered from there to see how it was. Here what they offer as of right now: We got a 13" pepperoni pizza and an order of wings. The pizza is baked in a wood fired oven, so right away it stands out from a lot of the other places around here. It is hand tossed by the look of things, so it's not a perfectly round 13" pizza. But who ares? What does it taste like, that's what's important. Overall I'd say it's good. Good amount of cheese and the pepperoni had a decent flavor, which makes me think it's a little better quality. The sauce is a little sweeter than I'm accustomed to, and I think could use a little garlic and oregano. If I didn't know better, I'd be tempted to say there's some wine in it... it just has that kind of flavor. The crust was good. Wings are one of those things you either f--k up completely and we never order from you again or you get it right. And I have to say, I had low expectations, especially from a place that hasn't been making them a long time. But Bob's got them right. The sauce is a mix between your typical "Buffalo style" flavor and the BBQ kind of thing you get from Pudgies. Most importantly, they were cooked correctly. So many places undercook their wings, and there's few things worse than biting into undercooked, rubbery chicken skin. None of that here, they were cooked a little to the dryer side, which I like. Overall I think the prices are fair, considering the size of the business and the investment they have made into establishing themselves there on the corner. We'll be ordering again.
  4. Things may have changed since I was out there last, but it also included someone who say, fell and hurt themselves. They're alert, saying they don't want to go to the hospital, but something seems "off"... I'd ask them the "person, place, time" questions. If they couldn't get those, then sorry, you're going to the hospital even if I need to have law enforcement involved. So from where I'm sitting, someone calls and says there's some guy laying on the sidewalk and he's not acting right, he's going to the hospital. Schizophrenic? Bi-polar and off his meds? all and hit his head where you can't see and now has nice bleed going on in there somewhere? It was safer to err on the side of the person's best interest rather than leave someone to die there from a bleed. As far as the "two pc", that's more something that happened once they were in hospital care. If they've made it that far, they've been medically cleared and chances are there's cause.
  5. It’s already legal. They’ll do it under what’s known as “implied consent”. If someone is clearly not completely with it mentally, ( alert to person, place and time ) EMS can assume that they would consent to medical treatment and/or transport if they were. I actually recall dealing with a homeless guy in a situation where someone saw him laying in a bank along the side of the road in a cold rainy day like today. Yeah it was weird, but he was able to tell me roughly where he was, who he was, and what day it was. So we let him wander off on his merry way.
  6. I'm still catching up on Season 4, so we're about three episodes behind on Season 5. But man, this show just keeps getting better and better! Costner really nails his role.
  7. And I’m glad Will Ferrell won’t do an “Elf” sequel. It’s a fun movie on its own, no sense trying to make lightning strike twice.
  8. Somehow Bill Murray ad-libbing his lines in “Scrooged” doesn’t surprise me.
  9. You should know defensive driving, and use it daily. Amen. That light turns green, wait. More often than not, someone is running that red light.
  10. I was pretty surprised by the length and in depth work put into this news story. I can't help but wonder if the timing, released after the reporter left the station, was intentional or simply a coincidence.
  11. The other morning I noticed that Mars was shining exceptionally bright in the pre-dawn hour, and I joked to my wife that I could almost see John Carter waving from the surface of the Red Planet. That got me thinking about what a good movie that was, and how underrated it is. It's considered a flop, really. So I looked up some other underrated movie lists: I can vouch for Master and Commander, that my friends is an amazing movie that I watch every time it comes on. And it's too bad more people didn't enjoy it, because I believe there is an entire series of books of which that was just the first. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs was pretty good as well, it's kind of a collection of short movies and a couple of them are absolutely hysterical. But damn, John Carter was such a good movie and got me to read Edgar Rice Burroughs novels in that series. And it was supposed to be a trilogy! I think the big problem was they didn't market it correctly. It should have been more correctly named, John Carter of Mars. Also, the first 20 minutes of the movie it, admittedly, either dull or confusing, depending on who you ask. But anyone who sits through that ( and is IS relevant ) is in for a fun movie based on a story that is the great-granddaddy of modern science fiction. What are some movies, obscure or otherwise, that you've enjoyed and are completely underrated in your opinion?
  12. They are going to keep dumping money into that place because that's how things are down around here. Throw good money after bad and hope for different results.
  13. Our mail never came yesterday, and at first I thought they were just running late, since Mondays are generally their worst day from what I’ve been told. Then it occurred to me the trucks carrying a lot of that mail were probably stuck somewhere due to the truck ban on I-90.
  14. I have had a Twitter account for a couple years now but I barely use it. Once in a while to see what’s trending and to follow a couple people like Mark Hamill and Ricky Gervais. I’m certainly not nearly as invested in it as everyone else seems to be.
  15. Yeah that’s a really good point. Seems like the last, oh, half dozen shooters were called in for something else and someone dropped the ball.
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