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  1. Hell, as long as Josh is QB I’ll sit on the sidelines for $250k a year and help them get under that salary cap. I wouldn’t have to lift a finger.
  2. Alcohol : Brains not developed enough until 21 Sex: Not mature enough to consent until 18 Guns: Not mature enough to purchase until 18/21 Contract age: Not mature enough until 18 “I want to change my gender.” “How brave!” Regardless of age. Look, I don’t care what an adult decides to do to or call themselves. What I do have a problem with is children being so young and either being exposed to conversations about sexuality or adults in their life going to such extremes because the kid says one day they wanna be ____. I wanted to be a ninja before I was 10 years old for chrissakes, but my parents didn’t change my name to something more Eastern and dress me in ninja gear! We need to pump the brakes on this topic a little. And even me saying that out loud makes me a bad person to many. If the teacher told the kid they couldn’t use whatever bathroom they identified with, he did, in fact, violate state law. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise because they drill the students rights laws into school staff brains every school year. As for bathrooms, I don’t understand why Americans get so bent out of shape about who pisses where. Take the space that’s already available, split them into smaller, “one-holer”, gender-neutral bathrooms and problem solved.
  3. I can’t wait to see what lunatic they replace him with.
  4. As usual, Jon Stewart is all over it:
  5. I agree, @Jack. Mentally stable people don't do stuff like this. The problem I have is, now people are holding him up as some kind of hero. So how long until someone else decides to attempt a "Johnny Storm" impression?
  6. A second trailer was released recently:
  7. When Kevin Costner makes a Western, he doesn't mess around. I'm looking forward to this.
  8. Thats been the case going back as far as I can remember. I remember talking to one tv reporter back in the 90’s who said they had to buy all their clothes, makeup, etc and by the time they were done with that there wasn’t a whole lot left. It’s why we’re this starting point and so many take off for bigger markets as soon as they can. ( Lately there’s at least one that I wish would. )
  9. I caught this on Twitter today, which included the full video. Yikes.
  10. I saw on the news that in addition to having local bands playing each day, the fair is also looking to feature local artisans with live displays as they craft their wares. Pretty cool idea, and a smart step in the right direction to bring things back in line with what a county fair is supposed to be about.
  11. It could be, if the editor is doing their job. Damn, I’d have given a test-, uh, anything to get a couple interns to be out doing beat stories 10 years ago.
  12. I had no real idea who this guy is or, uh, was. But apparently a lot of people on social media do because they were lining up to piss on his grave. Im still not sure why.
  13. Chris

    Brand Park Pool

    Thanks for the heads up Jim. I merged this post in with the existing thread about the pool for continuity's sake.
  14. Trump won South Carolina. your presumptive nominees are Trump and Biden. Great...
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