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  1. That you did LOL Corner of W 5th and College Ave. I used to drive by there every day.
  2. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say we'll be thinking of you in the coming days. I can't begin to imagine what you're feeling.
  3. Chris

    Site News

    You may have noticed some slight changes to the site. I got to thinking that for someone scrolling on their phone, there's a lot of website here. So I tidied some things up. The more "fun" day to day topics are in their own section now. Regional and State news are now one section. I've added a World News section. "Hero Of The Day" and "Hobby Chat" have been sent to the "paused" section of the archives for now. I think sports may end up there as well and we'll have a Buffalo Bills/ NFL Chat in another section because, well, I want to. 😀 I was considering a "Science" section, but will hold off on that for now. That should satisfy my unexplicable urge to tinker for now.
  4. Speaking of Southport area, I remember when riding through there, down Maple Ave, seemed like such a far away place. We barely ever saw it, and it seemed so strangely new. Same for out 352 towards the drive in. And Big Flats? It seemed like an entirely different time zone when we went out there to visit family. Strange how childhood perception sees things.
  5. Oh I know that one. I'll let someone else guess first.
  6. I don’t see it as a big deal. When I was in high school the Regents weren’t mandatory unless you were enrolled I. Regents classes. I think non-Regents were referred to as “locals”. But you still graduated. They crammed Regents down my throat, extolling its virtues and benefits. This despite the fact I was struggling right up til January of my senior year I was failing Course 2 math horribly and might not graduate. Then I demanded to be dropped to “locals” and my grade shot up to an 85. I still got the Regents diploma somehow, and you know what wonderful benefit there was? $200 scholarship money towards CCC. I suspect the state is learning that you can’t throw everyone into the same classroom and expect the same results. I posted that from the governors office a while back but for the life of me I can’t find it. It may have been one of those posts no one responded to so I deleted it.
  7. LMAO! He converted us both, as I was also given a Mac Pro in 2014. The damned thing was a beast! When that STB, I went with the Mac mini, which is more than enough computer for what I do. Eventually that one started showing its age so a couple years ago I bought a newer one but kept the old one which @Andy turned into a Plex server and means for me to play “Empire Earth” on. Not that I have time to, but it’s there. The Mac Mini is a pretty affordable little computer, especially compared to the other Macs. I think I paid $700 for each (?)
  8. What came to mind for me was “The commute killed the community.” For example, country people got used to stopping at the store in town after work to pick up milk instead of the store in their own hometown. Those stores were a social hub for many small rural towns where information was shared about who was ill, who was home for a visit, etc. As those stores died off, so did a sense of community. Thats just one example, to kick start this topic.
  9. And probably an impressive feat for the time!
  10. I was once told “Once you go Mac, you never go back.” And that’s the Gospel truth.
  11. I also cut some Romaine lettuce for dinner, along with some mint to start drying: That lettuce is "second cut", meaning it grew here entirely, not at the nursery. With the way the weather is, I should be able to get at least one more before it gets too hot. Plus I have a whole other two rows of it to cut.
  12. All sorts of weird looking sprouts coming up now:
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