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  1. I'm not positive what the point in that particular law was
  2. Tactical "plate carrier"? LOL. Does that mean it comes without the stuff that makes it work so it's legal?
  3. I didn't think Twitter even wanted to sell to him.
  4. I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. He doesn't look like a teenager to me. The whole holding the gun down and the hoodie up is threatening no matter what. I hope they took the post down because he was identified and at the very least gets that ass whoopin Hal recommends. I think that inciting a riot is also a very real charge he could get, juvenile or not, toy gun or not.
  5. I have noticed that quite a lot of the people here in NY calling for stricter gun laws don't have a clue what our guns laws are. Every suggestion I have heard already is part of our process to own a gun whether pistol or long gun. So I generally tell them to go read our rules and then come back and chat.
  6. I would have never made that connection. Now we are on to the next mass shooting. Little kids. 😞
  7. I read an article on it earlier today that said they wouldn't release that info to the public. I agree with the Regents exams. For a state that want's everyone to get a trophy I could never figure out why they pushed for that regents diploma which sets the more average learners apart. There was a stink about it some years ago for that reason but they still have the exams. NY is one of the only states that does.
  8. I would just love to know what that single question is that will "trigger" these kids.
  9. I guess my thought processes all along were with the "parental indoctrination" theory. Something as drastic as that kind of hate from an 18 year seems like it has been something learned for quite some time and that usually is family related in some way and that's why they are staying quiet. I guessed lawyering up actually.
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