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  1. That drives me nuts. Especially when it's on my own page and on something I posted.
  2. His shows are classic and funny!
  3. It's all over an occupancy certificate apparently. He had the health dept permit and subleasing a space from The Grind however because he was operating regular business hours (vs the pop ups that show up there all the time) he needed that other occupancy certificate. It appears they shared the kitchen. So how hard to get an occupancy cert? Sounds like rather than do that, a small tantrum was had and he said forget it, I'm leaving.
  4. Absolutely! Always someone else's fault. I did read on comment about putting a LEO there all the time. LOL.
  5. Would that be the DeSantis/Newsom thing last night? I heard about it and thought it odd because I didn't think Newsom was running.
  6. Barbie and Stanley mugs were on top of everyone's Christmas list this year so not so sure those are gone yet. If so, good riddance to Barbie. I never bought into the pressure tipping anyway. I don't care what is on the slip as a suggestion, you get 20%. Pretty much always have tipped the max no matter what it was at the time.
  7. I had no idea he was even still alive. My bad.
  8. Isn't there a sticker store right there now?
  9. Nope. I think lawsuits just waiting for the statute of limitations to almost expire, are in the works.
  10. Seems like there is always a pay raise in the budget. I want to know how they will implement the new term limits after the first of the year. That was a landslide in favor.
  11. I guess someone has to be first.
  12. Looks like the exact same type of press release that came from "developers" for the Arnot Mall some years ago. That went nowhere.
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