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  1. Most people who know him are a bit stunned. His family is from Erin originally and he has mental disabilities. Supposedly has been living in a group home type of environment.
  2. It does and they do. They just started this week and only got the one side of one bridge. It is a proverbial shit show garbage dump under all of them. Took backhoes and dump trucks to clean out just the one side. They are supposed to do them all when time and staffing allows
  3. Opposite sides of the bridge. Fire was on the North side which they had not gone to clean up yet. They cleaned out the South side earlier this week.
  4. Where is McConnells? I thought he died a few years ago. I don't care for B&C and never heard of Dog eat Dog. The family that owns M & M's is the same one that has for 30 years. lol. No one new. Just moves from generation to generation
  5. Yea, they had a tornado touch down in Erie County. East Aurora and Eden are under state of emergency. I was looking at pics. I'm thinking was bigger than an F1
  6. I can not wait to go down and get one. I might have to leave work early one day unless they start Sat hours again.
  7. Corning gave me college credit for my years at my job when I went back.to school.
  8. KarenK

    Brand Park Pool

    Like a broken record. They have done every study, gone to the state multiple times and done all kinds of pricing and economic comparisons and the bottom line is that they do not and will not have the money to ever restore it. MOVE ON.
  9. So sorry to hear this. Keep fighting the good fight. Thanks for the reminder too. I am way overdue for the mammo.
  10. Same. Every singer who came on and they flashed their name I had no idea who it was. Not to say they were not talented, but most of the music was not to my taste. Also flipped to the PBS one in DC and didn't like that one either.
  11. Post is deleted or comments? I see the post and Mr Patros comments. 🙄
  12. Actually, it can be. After 3 years covering Southern territory I have learned it is used as a term of endearment and a slam. Figuring out which is a challenge.
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