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  1. I don't drive through Elmira on a regular basis or pay close attention to which businesses (large or small) are moving in/out. But the frequency that I have to drive to Elmira (once every 2 months or so)....to me, it feels like it's gotten significantly worse in the past year or two. Around the Courthouse and Hazlett are the only places I’ve recently seen anyone walking around that’s dressed like they’re employed. Driving by St Joe’s and Centertown garage to Langdon Plaza and the Arena, I used to see year ‘round, steady pedestrian traffic of well-dressed business casual folks. I can’t say whether there are fewer large employers and businesses with workers downtown.....or if those respectable regular inhabitants just don’t want to walk around. Either way, their visibility had dwindled and they're now outnumbered by the unsavory sorts -- lugging dirty backpacks or pushing grocery carts full of junk.
  2. It’s not a solid “direct correlation” indicator to the economy, because it encompasses everything......from necessities to luxuries. So “up” can reflect inflation, high interest rates and high cost of living (especially if necessities like fuel and staples are up). While “up” for luxury discretionary products and services can reflect extra consumer cash flow. This is only true to an extent. Most 401k, pensions, college and retirement funds depend on stock investments, either directly or indirectly. So, even if Sue and Johnny Average don’t have a visible “investment portfolio” that they actively control.....whatever they have for a nest egg likely is strongly dependent on stock investments.
  3. This.....exactly this!!! He thinks "fixing" the cost of late fees is a solution, without comprehending the reason consumers are unable to make payments on time??? People do not have as much money as they have in the past (even those taking an extra job). The cost of living has risen higher and faster than income. Yes, some corporations are making profits. If he really believes that's a problem......then he should tell people to stop celebrating how great the stock market is doing; how awesome it is if the Dow reached 40,000; and giving him credit for facilitating all that 'greed'. But honestly....many corporations aren't doing so great. Most notably, people are not spending money on discretionary (non essential) consumer products. There are layoffs and store closings for places like Red Lobster, movie theaters, Ulta Beauty, GameStop.....people don't "have the money to spend" on that stuff because they're spending too much on gas, groceries and home utilities.
  4. I’m trying to fathom the “animal experts” who are claiming that anyone who’s been around livestock “knows” that they emerge from winter emaciated, as a normal state of health. I don’t need to be a farmer to have seen thousands of cows and horses my entire life, and observe that this is not the way they usually look....any time of year.
  5. I don’t understand the point of this? If there is a significant number of properties (whether rentals or owner occupied) with “outstanding municipal code violations and are in disrepair”.....then shouldn’t the City Council work on identifying and resolving whatever shortcomings among City officials are resulting in their failure to enforce the codes that are set forth?
  6. I understand there could be potential liability. But it doesn't seem like the liability is reduced when the City issues a "permit" for and charges $50. Feels like the opposite. The City would be less liable if I just happen to wander downtown on my own and am accosted or injured, the City has some defense that "I" bear took a risk (whether I was just strolling or illegally collect litter without a permit). But once they accept my "fee" and grant a "permit", then they're making an implied statement of approval.
  7. He deleted his first public response to the Letter. It was long-winded and seemed to miss her entire point in an effort to defend the conditions downtown. He called her letter a "tirade". Ignored that it was addressing the issue of litter in and around the waterfront, and addressed her as if the whole point of her 'tirade' was to complain about homelessness. Then called Chemung River Friends (and presumably their hundreds of volunteers) "hostile"' Here's a screen shot was a grabbed before he took it down.... For her part, Ms. Zilinski maintains that the group did request an in-person sit-down meeting, but that was ignored/declined by the Mayor and Manager. She offered email copies of a request they made a month ago. For all his preaching of "constructive dialogue" it doesn't appear that he has much interest in finding out facts before making knee-jerk replies that later are suppressed to protect his "constructive dialogue" persona. He's a piece of work. Seems a few politicians that lean on their religion to show people how "honorable" they are, also have zero issues with deleting posts and blocking constituents to maintain that "honorable" façade.
  8. The River Friends are 100% correct. The disrepair, garbage and creepy elements downtown do keep people away. Not just tourists, but those of us in other parts of the county (and likely even residents from other neighborhoods in Elmira) feel safer parking and walking in Corning, Waverly or one of the shopping centers up the road. I'd love to hear a statement from the new Tourism Manager on what she thought of the walk they took.
  9. Source So, it seems that the primary objective of these 'protestors' is not to bring about "change in University policy to divest from Israel, etc. That goal would include civil negotiation....like I dunno....relocating to comply with the campus rules to show good faith to the other party. But nope! They clearly prefer disrupting campus operations over engaging in adult conversation.
  10. It’s pretty common throughout human history for life-altering challenges to be “revelatory” experiences. Having to fight for oneself tends to inspire appreciation for what they have, as well as instilling a sense of "reverence" for self-reliance. And I am happy to see the change in him. Granted, it’s also becoming much more common for people to be encouraged to claim victim status and veer toward an entitlement mentality when faced with challenges. Fetterman “could” have that. Lots of people do. (“Whoa is me! I was dealt a shitty hand. Now the world owes me!”). But fortunately for him, it seems he may have discovered that, instead of “gimme” (because I’ve suffered) handouts that might make his handicap existence more tolerable.......his own motivation and perseverance has been far more effective in improving his circumstances.
  11. For the record.... Although I believe it’s wrong for Moss to shirk the ACFR reporting, I tend to agree with the other point he made in his letter: If the County taxpayers are stakeholders (“owners”) of any facility or venue that has operating expenditures and revenue, the operations and financials of said facility need full transparency and accountability. This has been the case since.....forever. The Airport, Park Station and the Nursing Facility are county-owned "operations" that draw revenue from utilization. And all of their personnel decisions and expenditures are transparently reviewed and approved by the Legislature. Their revenue/expense books are transparently included in County financial reporting. Example: The Aviation Director's appointment (and his salary) are approved by the Legislature, and if he wants to pay someone to wax the floors at the Airport.....that process is subject to oversight and approval. The same premise should apply to the Arena (as well as the Fairgrounds Community Center, once it comes to fruition). However under CCCR, we don't know who appointed Robert Kramarik Marketing & Sales Director for First Arena. Is the “operating team” made up of volunteers or are they salaried positions? We also don’t know how events like “Cabin Fever” are funded. We know they had “carnival activities” (like inflated attractions and giant games). But no idea if those attractions were donated by a sponsor, or if the Arena put out for bids.....or if the Marketing Director has the authority to hire Bobby K Entertainment if he wants. On a final note: Just as Moss seems determined to clash with the Legislature, there are also a few Legislators who continue to look for reasons to clash with Moss. I think most of the public has had enough of the bickering and tit-for-tat attacks between the local branches. And we do appreciate those Legislators who don't engage in that petty power struggle.
  12. Yes....he definitely seems to be looking to provoke Public Servants. This (and some of his other videos) highlight a lot of examples of civil servants inappropriately reacting to his (First Amendment protected) goading. As long as they are a threat, members of the “public” are within their rights to probe and/or express disapproval of Public Servants’ actions (even in an irritating and/or disrespectful manner). And employees are expected to remain professional at all times, even in the face of “provocative” public scrutiny.
  13. So, the County can still prepare/submit an ACFR report for the sake of transparency/accountability......even if ineligible to receive the “gold star” COA? Yeah.....This sort of makes me wonder if the decision to “likely not continue” could be reaction to the suggestions (made 2 days earlier during Monday’s meetings Monday’s meetings HERE), by Legislator Sweet that the Legislature should have the Exec’s actions scrutinized by lawyers and auditors. Around the 2hr23min mark, the Multi-Services Committee discusses an earlier tabled resolution ("Resolution renewing agreement with ClearGov Inc. on behalf of the Chemung County Department of Information Technology") This was tabled at last month's meeting for lack of Budget Committee approval. And tabled again this month because the Multi-Services Committee still "wasn’t sure" whether it had been addressed by The Budget Committee yet. The answer is yes....The Budget Committee did vote on (and pass) the renewal agreement for this software in their April 1st meeting HERE . However, it was noted that payment for this (unauthorized) renewal agreement had already been disbursed to the vendor in February. These are legitimate concerns.... the Legislator approved this software in May 2023 HERE, with the clear expectation that it was a “trial basis”, and the Executive team absolutely would need additional approval before renewing this agreement:
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