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    Like a broken record. They have done every study, gone to the state multiple times and done all kinds of pricing and economic comparisons and the bottom line is that they do not and will not have the money to ever restore it. MOVE ON.
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    I have to pull the potatoes up, but otherwise I think today is going to be a primarily "indoors" kind of day. I got all the mowing done yesterday. I could have left it for a few days I suppose, but with the rain coming and all, I decided to get it done. Along the way I discovered the window leading to a crawlspace under the house was broken and I'm pretty sure I broke it mowing too closely. So once the mowing was done I had to fix that and boarded it up entirely. It's not like we actually have ever used it except to have foam insulation blown in, and besides, my fat ass certainly isn't fitting in there. Fortunately I had some primed grey T1-11 laying around so it kind of matches the surrounding cement. I'm about to log off and get some writing done. If I really concentrate I can have the first draft of Book 3 done today. Which would be helpful since I have other stuff that needs my attention. Have a good day all, and stay cool!
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    Hand written lay away receipt from 1981: Cost of those items now, adjusted for inflation: Atari: $455.66 Casino: $72.14 Asteroids: $96.33 Space Invaders: $72.14 Gross Sale Amount: $731.10
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    Welcome to the site @dsalvatore10@yahoo.com, @Pam, @Robert Sacamanoand @carol6589@verizon.net We hope you folks enjoy the site and we're looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Let's be honest, a bad performance at the NATO summit isn't just a problem for his campaign, it's a national security concern.
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    Good Morning All . One appointment this AM then back home and in where its cool for a “ down day “ . Grass is all cut for the week and the shop is still a bit of a mess but I’m all in for a couple days ! Enjoy …
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    Isn't Councilman Brinn a pastor at the Park Church by Wisner park? I wonder how many voluntarily unsheltered they have taken in and allowed to live in the rooms no longer used? It's a big church and should be able to house a lot of people.
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