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  1. NEW YORK (AP) — Richard Simmons, television’s hyperactive court jester of physical fitness who built a mini-empire in his trademark tank tops and short shorts by urging the overweight to exercise and eat better, died Saturday. He turned 76 on Friday. Simmons died at his home in Los Angeles, his publicist Tom Estey said in an email to The Associated Press. He gave no further details. Source
  2. Donald Trump was whisked off the stage at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania after apparent gunshots rang through the crowd. Trump was showing off a chart of border crossing numbers when bangs started ringing through the crowd. Trump could be seen reaching with his right hand toward his neck. There appeared to be blood on his face. Source
  3. The deceased has been identified as 56-year-old Tony E. Catlin, of Newfield.
  4. On Thursday at approximately 2:48PM the Elmira Police Department responded to a fire at the north end of the Clemens Center bridge. Officers arriving on scene located a large fire underneath the bridge. The fire was immediately brought under control by the Elmira Fire Department. As a result of the fire the northbound lane of the Clemens Center bridge will be closed until further notice while NYSDOT completes an assessment of damages. The southbound lane will remain open. Anyone with any information in regards to this incident is asked to please call the Elmira Police Department at (607)737-5626. Information can also be provided anonymously to the tip line at (607)271- HALT or OPERATION HALT at www.cityofelmira.net The Elmira Police Department was assisted by The Elmira Fire Department, Elmira DPW, and NYSDOT. Clemens Center bridge is a main truck route through the City for Commercial Motor Vehicles. Below is a list of alternate truck routes, Bridges and Load restrictions for alternate routes, and underpass clearances in Elmira. Additional information can be found on the city’s web www.cityofelmira.net City truck route system (a)Streets Constituting the City Truck Route System. Pursuant to Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1640(a)(10), as amended, the following streets or portions thereof are hereby designated, and they shall constitute the city truck route system: (1) State Route 17/I86 bypass within the city limits. (2) Grand Central Avenue, from the city's north line to the Clemens Center Parkway. (3) Clemens Center Parkway, entire length within the city limits. (4) Clemens Center Parkway Extension, entire length. (5) Lake Street, from the city's north line to its intersection with Clemens Center Parkway Extension. (6) East Fifth Street, between Clemens Center Parkway and Judson Street Extension. (7) Judson Street Extension, between East Fifth Street and East Church Street. (8) Church Street, in an easterly and westerly direction on that portion of Church Street between the city's easterly boundary line and Clemens Center Parkway; only in a westerly direction on that portion of Church Street between Clemens Center Parkway and the city's westerly boundary line. (9) Water Street, in an easterly and westerly direction on that portion of Water Street between the city's easterly boundary line and Clemens Center Parkway; only in an easterly direction on that portion of Water Street between Clemens Center Parkway and the city's western boundary line; (10) Walnut Street, between Water Street and Church Street. (11) College Avenue, from Woodlawn Avenue north to the city's northerly boundary line. (12) Woodlawn Avenue, between College Avenue and Clemens Center Parkway. Bridges with Load Restrictions Tons Over Badger Creek: (1) Tuttle Avenue Bridge - 20 Over Chemung River: (1) Lake Street Bridge - 20 (2) Madison Avenue Bridge - 20 (3) Main Street Bridge - 5 (4) Walnut Street Bridge - 4 Over Hoffman Creek: (1) Hoffman Street Bridge - 5 (2) West Clinton Street Bridge - 5 (3) West Third Street Bridge- 5 Over Newtown Creek: (1) Church Street Bridge - 20 (2) East Avenue Bridge - 15 (3) Linden Place Bridge - 20 (4) Water Street Bridge - 20 Over railroads: (1) Washington Avenue Bridge - 10 (2) Water Street Bridge (DL&W Main Line ) - 10 (3) Water Street Bridge (Kennedy Valve Siding) - 20 Over Route 17: (1) Church Street Bridge - 10 (2) East Avenue Bridge - 20 (3) Water Street Bridge - 20 Underpass Clearances
  5. An Elmira man is charged with attempted murder after an incident in the City Of Elmira last evening. Police say on Thursday at around 6:49PM officers from the Elmira Police Department were dispatched to the 400 block of Clinton Street for a reported assault. On arrival officers located a 33-year-old male victimwith stab wounds to his neck. The victim was transported to Robert Packer Hospital for treatment and is currently listed in critical but stable condition. As a result of the investigation Officers arrested 22 year old John Havens of Elmira. Havens is charged with Attempted Murder in the Second degree, a class B Felony. Havens is currently being held pending arraignment. The Elmira Police Department was assisted by Erway Ambulance and the Elmira Fire Department.
  6. We had a flurry of new sign ups yesterday, so let's welcome @pmcomfort84@gmail.com, @catloverme123, @bigmike31985, @wefdwgfd, @gianna, @Jenni316, @Stephanie T, @brhoskins2022, @Lyndsay, @garciathalia503@gmail.com and @Holly moore Welcome to the site folks! Hopefully you'll stop by often and let us know what's on your mind!
  7. Let’s bring the conversation back around to the topic and keep it from flying too far off course.
  8. These glittering “gems,” or glowing orange dots, are actually four images of the same thing — an extremely bright galactic core known as a quasar. The quasar appears like an arc with four bright spots because of an intriguing effect called gravitational lensing. The gravity of a massive foreground object, in this case a galaxy, is so powerful that it has warped time and space around it. Light followed that bend and took various paths, magnifying and creating multiple copies of the quasar behind the galaxy. Gravitational lensing is a great way for scientists to study very distant objects that might be too faint or far. Combining this natural “magnifying glass” with Webb’s mid-infrared capabilities, scientists can learn more about the quasar's central black hole. Webb's observations will also probe the nature of dark matter, an invisible form of matter that accounts for most of the universe's mass. Read more: esawebb.org/images/potm2406a/
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