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  1. Kevin

    Brand Park Pool

    I agree it would be nice to see the police walking the beat so to speak. Also doing things to engage kids and the public. The trading cards they did in the laste 80's early 90's was great. The kids interacted with every officer they saw trying to collect the whole set. Most SROs in the school do a good job of interacting with kids, but seeing a cop walk your neighborhood and knowing him is a different type of relationship.
  2. I can't say I have ever had a negative interaction with a LEO. Even when I was pulled over for a traffic infraction, they were polite and to the point. I was even handcuffed and patted down in front of McDonald's on N Main St and placed in the back of the car and the officer was never negative. Yes, some officers are jerks and over the last 20+ years they seem to be more and more. Of course the become jaded. What other job do people have where they are hated because of what officers in other states have done. I'm interested in hearing the rest of story on the incident with your daughter. Because I doubt she was just walking down the street 5 minutes after curfew and was stopped.
  3. Kevin

    Brand Park Pool

    I mean unless you want kids drowning, I would say they are. And no insurance company will cover the pool without life guards on duty.
  4. Kevin

    Brand Park Pool

    Anyone that thinks the pool is salvageable at this point is holding onto sentiment of childhood. The pool mechanical room is probably filled with asbestos and you could probably tear it down and build it again cheaper than restoring what is there now. I saw there was a kid during summer cohesion. Say I had 5 million to have a new one rebuilt to the exact same look as the original, what's next? I read an article not long ago that the W. Elmira and Harris Hill pools are having issues finding life guards because kids are not taking the life guard courses as much as they used to. Working splash pads are great because once they are installed they are mostly maintenance free and allows the neighborhood kids to cool off and not have to worry about finding life guards.
  5. I will add it to my calendar. I think it would be interesting to be on the fair board.
  6. I was under the impression they already had enough people ready to take over. That's something I may look into if it's not the case.
  7. It's usually 20 signatures per page, not 20 pages. And I have idea why they would get them and then toss them. If I don't like the candidate I just get them signatures.
  8. Most of the current fair board members are in their 70's and are retiring after this year. So next year's fair will have a mostly new board. I am hoping they can turn it around.
  9. I'm fine with it going there. They will never find anything to go there that people will be happy with.
  10. Anyone opposed to the travel center is welcome to buy the land so it gets back on the tax roles. Right now it is owned by the county.
  11. Starting in July 10th the Star-Gazette will be delivered by your mailperson. Sundays paper will be delivered on Saturday. https://www.mytwintiers.com/news-cat/local-news/star-gazette-to-be-delivered-by-usps-starting-july-2023/amp/
  12. I can't think of one much worse. Hopefully his pain was managed with drugs.
  13. It's supposed to be colder tonight. Mine looks like the survived last night, but I covered them in a nice black plastic for tonight. Hopefully they collect a lot of heat today and survive the night. Luckily I only have about a dozen plants in and the rest are waiting till this weekend or next.
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