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  1. James B. Sikking, an actor known for his roles on "Hill Street Blues" and "Doogie Howser, M.D.," has died. He was 90. Sikking died Saturday due to complications from dementia, his publicist Cynthia Snyder told Variety and The Associated Press.
  2. Kevin

    Brand Park Pool

    Since it was built with a Govt grant they have to get final approval from the state before they can tear it down!
  3. I am just waiting for the conspiracy theorists to say Trump planned it to get votes!.
  4. The kid from the 80's sitcom ALF also passed away this week. https://www.tmz.com/2024/07/10/alf-star-benji-gregory-dead-dies/
  5. This looks good. It will be nice to see put out another good movie. The last couple have been not so good.
  6. I ran into this collab with the Oak Ridge Boys and Home Free (never heard of them) and it's one of the best I have heard. https://youtu.be/Wgm9gZs1hYw?si=Mmzq_UrOhGP0Z9uX
  7. He did die. Central Hots used to be the best, then this new guy bought it and ruined it.
  8. I will wait a while to go, once the crowds fie down. Hopefully they have a card machine by then.
  9. Another great thing about Linux is you can take an older laptop that is past its prime with Windows ultra bloated software and wipe the hard, drive, install pretty much any Linux system and it's like new again. I also use Ubuntu when using Linux. Those that tried Linux 10+ years ago and left because it's so complicated should give it a go again.
  10. The article has been edited to say it was only 1700 sq ft. I thought 17K was pretty big. This could either be a dream or a nightmare depending on how well you get along with the others in the experiment.
  11. My wife and I bought a new box of checks over a year ago and we were talking yesterday that we are now on check 7. I have my card whenever I go shopping.
  12. Isn't Councilman Brinn a pastor at the Park Church by Wisner park? I wonder how many voluntarily unsheltered they have taken in and allowed to live in the rooms no longer used? It's a big church and should be able to house a lot of people.
  13. Ticket sales are going good. Still plenty of seats available, but the number gets smaller everyday. It's the first year the in-person box office wasn't opened the same day as tickets went on sale.
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