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  1. I can not think of anything bad to say about the series at all. I was completely entertained through out the whole series. When he said "Hello There" I just about lost it.
  2. just binged all the episodes and what a great series it is.
  3. Yes now its 2 boogers having a good time lol so much of a step up from the tasteful pot leaf.
  4. I would be curious to know what tests they ran on them as well. I think it would be a hoot to help them with their training for those tests. I think the length of time it stays in your system should not count against you. Me being of bigger size and slower metabolism it stays in my system longer so that system works against me.
  5. I am sure it will be painted over in a few weeks lol give it time for people to complain.
  6. Yeah this was not cool and I am surprised the village allowed it. Another year or so and we wont have to worry about the sticker store plague much longer.
  7. This incident happened to be on my normal afternoon route so I got to be a gawker and watch for a bit. Wondering why they didn't lock down the daycare that was not very far from the incident
  8. He should not have hit him. You figure the Fresh Prince would have thicker skin than that considering he was laughing at the joke as well. As far as being stage it does kinda look like Chris Rock is smirking or that could because he just got will smith to hit him
  9. 80 year old comic that graded at a 9.2 is pretty damn amazing. That comic was well taken care of.
  10. I had chills watching it. Like you said great time to be a Star Wars fan
  11. I will still wear my mask here and there. At this point its a force of habit and now I feel weird walking around with out one. We do not have to wear them at work unless the customer is then we have to in order to make them feel comfortable.
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