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  1. Their food always looks delicious
  2. What about spraying some predator urine around the garden I am pretty sure you can buy it.
  3. Will he be able to pardon himself when he is elected again?
  4. It looks great. Will make an even better open air restroom for the bridge dwellers
  5. ARS is a great show I put it on in the waiting room when I see its on. Then usually some doucher changes it to Fox news or some crap like that.
  6. Show looks great. Alot of untapped potential in the High Republic era
  7. 1. Trailer Park Boys 2. Stargate SG1,The Librarians, Chuck 3. Fear Factor 4. Duck Tales and Star Trek TNG (only had 3 stations on a good day) 5. Supernatural 6. Hercules
  8. Gun shot detection system sounds like a solid purchase 😆
  9. You are 100% correct I lost track of the kids whose parents just pushed them through the program. My son enjoyed his time in Cub scouts and Boy scouts towards the end it was rough for some reason he was targeted by his scout master thankfully people like Gerry and Lisa Edger and Michelle Armstrong were involved and helped him make it through
  10. The one next to pizza pick up is moving location and offering delivery only at this time. (never used them just found that info from snooping around) There however is still 2 shops right in Hanover Square one next to Jakes and one next to the village parking lot. I've been into the one by Jakes but under the old owners not the current. The 420 guy is such a blight on the recreational scene. His radio commercials make me want to jab long pointy objects in my ears.
  11. Agree but those types of events do not draw the welfare crowd which is why it is always scheduled for the first week of the month.
  12. They have been here for years. That's why fast food is cheaper than healthy food gotta fatten up the lil piggies to make them taste better.
  13. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/masters-universe-movie-theatrical-release-date-1235888303/ Man I hope this turns out better than it sounds. Really hoping we get He-Man not they/them man
  14. They should have been charged with something for harassing the little guys. To bad momma wasn't around for that.
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