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  1. I got head butted not slammed into a locker. He got a restraining order and booted from school I believe.
  2. Well that would explain why we have not had a parts delivery truck in 2 days lol
  3. I have not made it through season 1 yet. Not a bad show but I think Id rather watch you tube clips of it.
  4. Guess it can be hard to put down an animal you are attached to. She was a hunter herself that's how we got on the subject so I am sure she understands the implications.
  5. Seen 2 very interesting Deer related things from customers. 1 was a piebald buck whose antlers went straight out each side no curve up. The lady told me he is off limits for hunters and she will rain down fire and brimstone if she catches someone trying to harvest him. The 2nd was a deer that met a truck and didnt win the battler but the hear was outside the body a good distance away just beating away. Very interesting video.
  6. so the book is basically a history book not an actual story.
  7. I went as often as I could the meat was well worth the price. You knew you were paying more than grocery store but the quality was so so much more.
  8. Written by someone whose childhood sucked. Personally I like to be surrounded by stuff I like my toys my family ect.
  9. I just finished up a book last night and was looking for something new to read. So just bought it figured I get enough books for free might as well throw GRRM 5.00
  10. Kind of funny the one season of this show was better than GOT as a whole. That last episode whoo boy
  11. I prefer the actual Mario voice actor. Chris Pratt sounds like he is doing an Italian Linda Belcher (Bobs Burger) impression.
  12. If I understand correctly its not a future continuation of the quantum leap project so not a reboot Not very many shows end in a perfect way and this was one of the few
  13. massive solar flare or giant meteor is the only thing that can fix this worlds problems at this point
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