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  1. Well… https://twitter.com/SnoopDogg/status/1726616549099004309?t=dYQumo3qh-4SCyQknjQ9-Q&s=19
  2. Boomerang bumpers for me, easily
  3. Andy


    God I love this show, cannot wait for season 2 I've been checking out some of Apple's other shows, they actually have a good lineup of some other shows - Ted Lasso is huge, and I've heard good things about For All Mankind. If their other shows have the same quality as Severance, then they have a very solid beginning considering they're kinda still "new"
  4. Steve Harwell, singer of Smash Mouth
  5. So it’s effectively a toy that plays audio files like audiobooks and music for kids. Their website has a lot of these “cards” for sale, other music themed ones look like a mix of originals, Kidz Bop, and other established groups like The Beatles and Laurie Berkner (throwback for me). It doesn’t even look like only for elementary kids, it looks more geared to SUPER young kids. They have options from ages 0-9 Sounds like a total nothingburger of a story really. A toy company that makes things for incredibly young kids errs on what they perceive to be the side of caution. The headline makes it sound like the song was removed from a more traditional release, which it’s really not. It’s a kids toy. The song is still perfectly intact on all the music streaming services, and I feel like you’d be hard pressed to find a Queen fan who really cares about using a toy to listen to their music. And if a parent really wants their child to listen to Fat Bottomed Girls, then they can listen on the streaming services or any CD release that’s been out for ages!
  6. New teaser released, also announces 2 episodes will premiere on the 23rd
  7. On a paragraph from December of 2022 no less
  8. Nothing new, I remember reading this fun fact in 2019 https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/05/23/millions-of-americans-are-only-400-away-from-financial-hardship.html
  9. Siege of Mandalore, Order 66, and her work with the early rebellion being left off that list are criminal
  10. Absolutely incredible technology. I would love to try it someday, hopefully as time goes on they can make future models more affordable, kinda like how Facebook did for their Oculus headsets - only thing is Apple just blew them out of the water
  11. I’ve met him at the local recording studio, nice guy
  12. Well those are cherry picked, and often staged. I’m sure there’s some idiots out there but these “man on the street” things aren’t going to post videos of people who answer correctly - nothing to make fun of/get outraged at there
  13. By all accounts I’ve heard, it’s actually very well done/well made, especially compared to the other remakes (looking at you Lion King), but yeah they need to chill on them
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