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  1. I’m so thrilled that I have an entire lifetime ahead of me with this absolute garbage
  2. No, Sam hasn’t taken any serum. He just has Steve Roger’s trust and blessing. If I remember correctly Falcon and Winter Soldier was about Sam struggling to accept this but ultimately embracing his new role
  3. ‘Rust’ Case Against Alec Baldwin Is Dismissed Over Withheld Evidence (Quoted Ann because I couldn’t find the quote option on mobile)
  4. I’ll have to look into that when I go back to Walmart, I could’ve done their college degree program but they don’t have a massive selection
  5. I've been keeping an eye on this for a couple months, and it's absolute insanity.
  6. Yeah I dunno about this one, going off this (admittedly grainy) video taken by someone who was right there when the shooting happen, I don't see how guns were needed. One cop grabs the kid, swings him to the ground and tackles him, with his body holding him down. A second one comes up and bends down, seemingly to help hold him down, and the third comes up while the other two cops hold him and is standing overhead when the shot is fired. Can't tell if the third is holding a gun or not, or if one of the first two are. The kid was subdued and pinned down, maybe bodycam will show something else but I think it could've been wrapped up once the two cops had him.
  7. Rockwell Extra Bold
  8. Don’t feel bad, it’s been 5 years since my high school graphic design classes lol. The kerning is absolutely wonky
  9. I’ve had my cards stored in my phone for 4 years now with no trouble, and Apple certainly takes user security more serious than some other companies, not even they can access your stuff due to encryption. Add onto that a bunch of security improvements they’ve made like Advanced Data Protection and Lockdown Mode. If I were to lose or have my phone stolen it would be as easy as remotely locking and marking it as lost, which disables saved mobile cards, among others. I’ve seen countless cases where someone loses their phone, it shows up in factories in China or somewhere like that, and the owner will eventually receive a threatening text telling them to remove the protections on the phone, usually under threat of having their data stolen. All a bluff, because when the phone is marked as lost it’s nothing more than a paperweight!
  10. Come on…I was excited for this because I’ve been wanting to do this since other states started allowing it. Only to find out they don’t actually add your ID to Apple Wallet like most states allow - you use the app instead of just quickly pulling up the saved cards. Guess I’ll wait to see if they’ll allow that in the future
  11. Yeah, I’ve used 11 briefly, and it wasn’t terrible. I’m just really tired of ads being shoved in the OS (anyone who knows me knows how much I HATE ads lol), and even after various tinkering with 10, methods to suppress tracking and general bloat have started to become more cumbersome or not work entirely - like internet search results when I’m trying to search local files on the computer; I found a fantastic third party app for that, but I shouldn’t have to in the first place! After hearing about this Windows 11 Recall feature, I’m going to try to transition to Linux again when 10 loses support, partially for curiosity and interest, and partially because I’m just tired of Microsoft. Not that I would be affected by Recall and all that junk, it’s just another example of the direction Microsoft is going. I’d go with MacOS if it wasn’t really expensive to get a Mac and useless for playing games. I have a spare laptop I can use for Linux practice if I want!
  12. I like using Macs, but I’ve been Windows for my main things, both my laptop and my own Plex server. Dabbled in Linux but not for long. Really don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11 when 10 is EOL, so I’ll probably take a look at Linux again, since it’s more gaming-friendly now
  13. Guilty on all 34 charges
  14. That website was used in my research methods class to hammer in the fact that correlation ≠ causation, funny stuff in there!
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