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  1. Just like how they did it in Rebels, the voice modulation of Hayden Christensen and James Earl Jones to create that clash of human and robotic voice just twists the knife of emotion even more
  2. Looks pretty interesting, feels like the more “gritty” vibe from Rogue One is present here. They clearly have high hopes since they’ve already started season 2 before the first even released
  3. Kinda related but this is cool
  4. Allegedly in the video (I’m sure it’s true but I sure am not watching) he aims his gun at a white worker, sees he’s white, and says “sorry” to him. He then proceeds to kill more black people. Absolute scum, I know it’s “good” that he was arrested but it would’ve been no loss if he was dead now
  5. I think it's a stretch to say Star Wars is "languishing". People like to reminisce on the EU (former canon before Disney), but that had even crazier and more bizarre things that were getting out of control. For example, there was an evil clone of Luke Skywalker named "Luuke", Chewbacca being crushed by a moon saving Han and Leia's son Anakin who dies later on, driving their other son Jacen to the dark side, only to be killed by his twin sister Jaina. Even better, Palpatine being cloned, a plot point about Rise of Skywalker many hate, happened numerous times in the EU. Say what you will about Disney's handling on Star Wars, but the continuity is concise and flows much better than the EU, which felt like wild fan fiction that you'd read on a 15 year old's blog. Yeah, the sequels are controversial, no doubt about that, but even if you hate every single one, they all had fantastic moments. Rogue One I see is regarded as the best Disney-Star Wars movie, and Solo, despite its issues during production, is a fun movie. The show argument made is a bit weaker to me, especially since there's more cming after Kenobi, as Mandalorian is wildly successful, maybe even more so than the sequels. In addition, The Clone Wars Season 7 was HUGE for fans who grew up on it (like me) and Bad Batch was also a nice little treat, even if it focused too much on world building at the cost of storytelling. Book of Boba Fett gets too much hate, as people wanted the vengeful, murderous Boba Fett from the EU (yep, he came back then too), rather than the one we got who gets more of a "human" characteristic. Obi-Wan will be wildly successful just because its been wanted by people for YEARS, Obi-Wan is one of the most popular Jedi in all of Star Wars, I can't see a show focusing on him doing too badly. Plus I'm a sucker for seeing how things changed post-Revenge of the Sith and pre-A New Hope
  6. Andy

    Moon Knight

    This show has me very interested in the comics for Moon Knight, seems like a good place to start
  7. Andy

    Moon Knight

    This trailer for the finale Disney released two days ago calls it a “season finale” rather than a “series finale”
  8. Andy

    Moon Knight

    I thought the finale was pretty solid. I was a bit worried they wouldn’t be able to tie things together neatly, but I think they did a good job with it! There IS a credits scene, that I believe serves as a tease to a second season
  9. I think that was 4-LOM Grand Inquisitor looks better I think compared to the first time we saw him, and seeing Vader being built is badass. Cannot wait
  10. Andy

    Moon Knight

    At the start of Ep 5, people pointed out that his voice with “Dr. Harrow” sounded different from Marc’s or Steven’s, so looks like we’ll see him in the finale?
  11. Andy

    Moon Knight

    Episode 5 was incredibly dark, but a lot of things were explained. Not at all what I expected but I loved it. Can't wait to see how it all ends, I'd love to see a second season of this, might even get into the comics
  12. I’ve read he doesn’t even use his “Truth Social” knockoff site anymore, so I bet he’s hoping lol
  13. Andy

    Moon Knight

    Just finished episode 4, I don’t know anything anymore. Phenomenal episode
  14. Same director as Ragnorok, plus with the Guardian crew, it’ll have a ton of comedy in it. Looking forward to this
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