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  1. Good point Pvt Snowball. How about the now closed Southport correctional facility? That could house 350 unhoused people.
  2. Elmira does not need more low-income housing projects. If there is one thing such projects have in common, it is keeping its residents low-income. Any housing projects should be mixed income. And there are lots, I mean lots, of empty properties.
  3. I couldn't agree more. Flattening anything is a bad idea - environmentally and economically. It could be repurposed in so many ways.
  4. Turn the excessively large parking lots into an urban farm, or community garden. Convert most of the shops into living spaces, some with second storeys. (British spelling). Turn one of the big stores into a convention center.
  5. I find your answer totally lacking imagination. There are many, many ways that site could be repurposed/converted. Too many to go into here.
  6. Yes it would be up to the owners. Tearing it down is still a bad idea.
  7. "Flattening" the mall for any reason is a terrible idea. Repurpose it, yes, but don't tear it down.
  8. I'd rather live in Australia than the United States!
  9. We can argue at length about whether America is great. We can also discuss whether apathy is an admirable quality.
  10. There sure are. But I don't know how you prevent them from voting and maintain a semblance of democracy
  11. In Australia, if you do not vote, you are fined $200, or thereabouts. There is the option to spoil your ballot which is a vote for none of the above. We could do with the same policy here. In very rough terms, the 13,000 registered voters in Elmira are divided into 5000 Dems, 4000 unaffiliated and 3500 Republicans. How different our world would be if everyone voted.
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