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  1. As I was LMAO at what Coumo with different plumbing was spewing tonight it was brought up on the media that the decision did indeed include The Rotten Apple and that area . But then again I would have to see that in writing before I believed it ! But her Highbrowness is going to fight this to the very end because it is a deterrent to her being able to protect her constituents! Oh , the abject horror , can you imagine a law abiding Citizen able to protect themselves or their loved ones from being harmed by the innocent ( aren’t they all ? ) criminal ?
  2. They would have been gone shortly thereafter anyway. Yes they were an eyesore before Agnes but were more structurally unsound and unsafe afterward and as mentioned in the Documentary many were just abandoned. That said , again the time of fearing the river should have been overcome years ago but due to some of our local businessmen at the time , an idea was forwarded to draw downtown businesses to a place called the Mall built on a piece of property conveniently owned by another local business and this move pretty much ended Elmira . Now , its well known that when those buildings were demolished had that portion of vacant land between Water St and the “Wall” been utilized as riverside parking with access to the river those buildings on the Northside would have been able to thrive from foot traffic due to the convenience of off street parking and recreational use of the river ( Oswego did just that ) But here we are again … Riverfront park was a bust from the get go and now we are going to have a “splash park” / troll shower ! Not to take away from Mr. LaVere’s work which paints the area as it could and can still be and I believe is little by little getting there by his pointing out the river as an asset instead of a liability!
  3. Very nice ! The time for utilization of the river instead of fearing it seems to have finally come to pass ! And this is a good thing for all . Thank you Mr. LaVere , a very enjoyable watch !
  4. Guess being “ Grand Inquisitor “ isn’t all its cracked up to be ! I mean really if your going after Vader for actions in his past how do you hide that from the guy that can mess you up with the wave of his hand ?
  5. I have hilled the taters twice and they are too big now to do it again so now it just side dressing them . I’m thinking thats a job better left for the cooler day ! The raised beds are doing great , maters have blossomed and will need pinching off shortly Kale … yes Kale is looking awesome , beets , Snow peas and my one Eggplant all going . In the Winter squash patch ( hail Mary pass here ) Butternut are sending runners out and the one Italian plant going gangbusters . Now i need to explain the Hail Mary pass comment . The squash are planted directly under a patch of Black Walnut trees , which everyone say’s “ nuthin will grow there “ as the nuts dropping makes the soil toxic . Of course me having to fly in the face of the “ experts “ I test the soils and visually can see all the good stuff in what I till up , so in the plants went LOL . Guess I really didn’t need that two year course in Horticulture!
  6. Was he getting Cues over the phone that whole time ? You could tell he was getting ready to put something forth as he was the one clearing his throat , then he comes out with his “ not in my backyard “ , then he got his ass handed to him LOL 😆 And Please , Legislators… could you at least try to be considerate by not having out loud conversations while another has the floor ?! Geez I thought I was at our Gun Club Meeting … Roberts Rules folks !
  7. Okay so when I have CTs MRIs and injections on my back they put a support under my knees … there problem solved !
  8. How about enforcing the Laws on the books presently? Any Bills that get passed will only put more restrictions on legal gun owners but we have had all this drivel before and the situation has just gotten worse . Politicians are the problem , their actions and inaction alike have herded us to this point . The laws are skewed in favor of criminals and who has caused this … politicians, gun sales are through the roof … again politicians ! Behind every crisis , if one digs just below the surface they will find a … politician ! There is no “ magic pill “ to be found in a Bill fronted by a politician! These supposed Representatives are just pushing their Feel Good Bills to try to convince us they are actually worth a damn . The way things are going right now this Country just can’t sustain itself , go ahead with banning and confiscating guns … see what happens , the camels back can’t hold much more !
  9. Already had my say on the subject on FarceBook , last I’ll say on the subject . There are more intelligent folks over than than I on any given subject . I usually don’t debate and most likely won’t do so on this matter . From where i sit in reading the local yokel tablet readers and the Local Law Enforcement comment its a matter of economics that its taken as “ everyone in a bit of a tizzy “ . Given that the Mall is a dying entity they don’t want a lot of bad press ! Juvenile or whatever, this idiot and his cohort did this as a typical Dumb Ass stunt ! What stupid there doesn’t realize is this , he points that “Toy” at someone who is legally carrying a concealed weapon he may get the surprise of his life and maybe the last . But alas … he is probably at home in mom and dads basement with his buds laughing about this whole thing because he won’t be charged as it was a toy … this time ! But as I said at the very least an Ass whoopin’ is deserved here or a night in jail with “ bubba “ as his cell mate ! Sorry for the attitude but my family literally had skin in this “Tizzy “ and i’m pissed !
  10. If someone makes the comment that this a toy because it is all pretty colors and doesn’t appear to be real I would remind that any of the parts on this “ toy “ can be made on a 3D printer then the firing mechanism and barrel can be purchased online ! Just a short while ago I was handed a pistol made in this manner ! And lets remember the Mall has postings restricting firearms … the ones they can see , so the scenarios here could have played out in a number of ways which I won’t go into . Thankfully this did not escalate … this time !! But this Idiot needs an ass kickin’ from every family member of those present that for the panic he caused !
  11. Watching the last two now … did it have to be a train ! Anybody else feel like an emotional tennis ball ? Going through this with my mom I really shouldn’t be sitting here but …
  12. Sounds doable Kevin! Tomorrow is get plants day for me . Took the last Violina Rugosa ( Italian Butternut squash) from last year out of the cellar , hacked it open and dried the seeds . These things are huge , about 20 lbs and Heritage breed so these will go into the SHTF seed bank . Yukon Golds are up so i need to get the hiller ready . With the heat and rain things are taking off nicely . Also need to trim the grass in the bee yard , the high grass in front slows them down and we can’t have that !
  13. I saved that link and those brackets go up to 35” … and aluminum so should be good for years !
  14. I have a water soluble root stimulator here that may give it a boost . I use it on all the trees plants shrubs here , even the taters got a hit of it this morning . Otherwise just keep it well watered , it’ll bounce back after a little transplant shock .
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