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  1. Great article and a really interesting site ! I saved it to check out on a regular basis .
  2. And again more Laws to keep us safer ! How about just enforcing the existing Laws on those possessing illegal weapons . If one is found in possession of a switched Glock , raise the charges against that person to reflect that and throw their ass in prison … oh wait , forgot this is New York where only innocents get to go to jail , think Daniel Penny ! Now I can guarandamntee ( no not a real word i know , but i like it ) that this will not end with Glock as the article states “ any striker fired “ handgun . The ONLY Law that will make us Safer is the Law that is Enforced, oh crap … still talking about New York 🤦‍♂️!
  3. Shocked … okay , thats definitely sarcasm right there Sheldon! 😆
  4. I have no problem believing this either . Look at our roads here the day after a good amount of folks did a roadside cleanup. But what is one to expect when Laws such as littering are passe’ and a good deal of other long standing Laws as well . A small amount of the local swinery are more than proud to spread and share their lifestyle with the rest of us it seems .
  5. And thats the reason other cleanup volunteer groups have just given up on the City and walked away ! Hearsay but a good source told about a cleanup in progress and watching as bench and gazebo settlers threw more trash on the ground… while the cleanup was still going on in Wisner Park !
  6. 🤔… we will be starting over on the herb garden ! As for potatoes, yeah , it will be one row this year . I have a root cellar full of them sprouting to the point of my fear that if I stay down there too long they may get violent and drag me in …
  7. One such occurrence did end with consequences that I was privy to . The person was used to having his firearm on the seat next to him and just forgot it was there , parked in a patrolled lot it was turned in by security . Lost his gun and permit . Now , jumping in the “ Way Back Machine “ , as with today Concealed is concealed , but in the late 70s there was an uproar about the whole concealed thing something like (paraphrasing here ) Concealed means , locked in the trunk , glove compartment and not visible to others . Pure and simple it IS just irresponsible as you say , even more so since stolen guns used in committing a crime are most times traceable back to the original owner even with defaced serial numbers.
  8. I have been around all kinds of livestock in my 70 years around the Sun and I don’t t know what the hell planet the people spewing this BS are from !! Emerging from Winter means emaciated and probably infested with lice … really ?! But this is the prevailing mentality or lack thereof in this area … it’s the country and i can live , or more like , exist any damn way I please . Fine , live or exist in any manner you choose but Do Not force your lifestyle on innocent animals ! And STOP with the BS that you’re a farmer , as with a few others on this hill YOU ARE NOT FARMERS , OR CHURCHES…YOU ARE JUNKYARDS inflicting this Cruelty on animals you obviously could and do not Not give a damn about !
  9. Hal

    First Arena

    Thanks Karen . They are making it sound like a part of NAHL though . According to the info from NAHL , players do not pay to play . But on further reading , yes they are basically kids 16 up to 20 sometihing trying to work their way up through the Conferences .
  10. Hal

    First Arena

    Basically from what I glean from the local News media the CCIDA dropped down to a lower level in the Hockey Conference, with that comes a lower price tag to try making the First Boondoggle self sustaining. Margeson offered that the “New team “ would not draw salaries would be a boon to the community in the form of helping with give backs … so , they are playing for free ? Just how does that work , someone please explain to this old farm boy just how this form of BS works , i mean other than what i’m smelling with this fresh batch .
  11. Dumb asses broke up the bear family for selfies ?! Charges should have been levied just for being Stupid. As for a “teaching moment” mentioned in the interview, I agree with Zapp , I also would have liked to have seen momma bear take care of business which also would have played into MsKreeds Darwin comment and Chris’ FAFO .
  12. Okay … guess what we’ll be watching !!
  13. As long as the carrots aren’t stringy . Chopped small is good .
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