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  1. The SOB head butted the side of your head yes . Vice Principal did not want to let you leave school said they would handle it , secretary stopped us and said i had to sign you out or we couldn’t leave … yeah , the look I gave her ended that conversation !! VP got nasty and all sorts of huffy when he was told I would be filing a protective on the kid telling me “ you don’t want to do that “ , took that as a threat and my parting shot to him was “ his mother is a Legal Secretary, how many Lawyers do you want here to visit you today ? “ Hospital, Police Station and home to a very pissed off Momma Bear … Turns out the situation was taken care of before we left the school by another family member 🤔 Bottom line … as stated above , file a report with Law Enforcement immediately!!
  2. And did the person involved in the altercation cooperate in any way with Law Enforcement… betcha not !
  3. I’m ready for any big snow cuz I have two snowblowers ! My own and the other belongs to a friend but I think he may have forgotten its here 😂…
  4. Slightly more than “ numerous “ … more like a butt load !
  5. I just hope the landowner can negotiate with the logging company to do something to protect this bird species!
  6. Dang … that propane bill is looking pretty good right now !
  7. Can I say here that All Holidays were better in the 80s is a fact . And was it all or at least in great part because , well who were the generation that made it that way for Gen Xers ? Was it the generation that now is a lot of times denigrated and looked on as just those “ old farts “ ? Yes folks those enjoyable , memorable Holidays were brought to you by those Boomers ! LOL 😂 Have fun with this one okay , it was meant to be more light hearted than most of my rants Signed ; a Boomer . 👍
  8. Totally agree on this … he made it about himself which totally turned back the red tide !
  9. I don’t particularly like having to look at the situation in this light either but this is how protracted wars , conflicts , call them what you like start every freaking time . And make no mistake I have seen with my own eyes , up close and personal , how NATO operates … and the monetary cost of this is at the bottom of my personal feelings here !
  10. Probably a very unpopular opinion but here it is anyway … ENOUGH ! We have an invasion of our own on the Southern border , and don’t forget all that equipment and small arms left in the Afghanistan debacle, we are further depleting our current supply of munitions with every shipment to the Ukraine ! Now NATO is considering invoking Article 5 . That is , American LED NATO forces on the ground and make no mistake NATO talks a good story … from behind while our Military Men and Women fight and die FOR WHAT ? It’s going to come down to this … WW3 or this generations VietNam ! Another thing to consider is this , our standing Military count is severely depleted and losing more Personnel everyday and what I ask you is the remedy for a depleted Military folks ? It’s called a Draft !! Told ya you wouldn’t like it but it’s just history repeating itself one way or the other and it all starts by supplying weapons every time Zylinski (sp) snaps his fingers ! No … it is time to back away from this situation , we stand to lose more than it’s worth . Yep , I said it … more than it’s worth ! Disagree you have every right but just consider the cost and not in dollars !
  11. He had fun while on stage … loved the Sledge-o-Matic ! It slices , it dices , it even makes … sets cabbage on table … Cole slaw 😂 ! Guy had a smile that told you he was up to something RIP Gallagher …
  12. Guess I saw the point of her generosity differently than most . 🤔
  13. Spot on Chris . Problem as well is that most would rather go to Sprawl Mart to buy that cheaper , thinner cut , Tetracycline and other growth hormone fed Commercial Farm raised … stuff .
  14. WTF … really generous move to have free fishing day coincide with Veteran's Day !! Why not the middle of January ? Same damn difference… I mean why not have free fishing for Vets oh I don’t know … maybe when it's…WARMER !
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