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  1. Rod , I believe we all know what their agenda or endgame is πŸ‘!
  2. LOL πŸ˜‚, I’m just going to take a hard pass on this topic thanks . Understand , I am not a hard core Trump supporter , its the underlying issues that I have a hard time dealing with and would have nothing worth contributing.
  3. Please do ,if only to avoid going off topic here .
  4. No disrespect intended here … that is a beautiful area no doubt but … I would invite you to to spend a few nights , or days walking that park especially during warm weather when the area is most , lets say , populated. The average person doesnt have any idea of what goes on there as most of the incidents go unreported , at least by local Network Media and /or not responded to by the understaffed Local Law Enforcement. Maybe as campaign manager the fact that Law Enforcement are understaffed might be a better soap box on which your Candidate could stand , good way to get folks back to the frame of mind to go to the Park once rehabilitated . Back to topic . Yes there is and has been Total β€œ lack of imagination β€œ on the part of the powers that be , movers and shakers , call them what you will , here in the County not just the City .
  5. That one threw me so thanks for the clarification πŸ˜†. Now , just what the hell is a β€œ peppermint pig β€œ ?
  6. Note to self , look into this topic more … the Good Will Hunting scene was hilarious πŸ˜†.
  7. Which may come to pass if Mrs Kevin looks over your shoulder and see’s your looking at Harley Porn instead of working ! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
  8. I can see the park planted in such a way as to make it a relaxing and enjoyable spot . Community gardens , pollinator gardens even better … IF there were some way to keep them inviting . As to the pool bring on the bulldozers, its had its days and now its past time to move it into just being a fond memory !
  9. His story , their story all aside , it was a fantastic movie ! Why can’t we have a β€œ feel good β€œ movie just once without someone effing it up ! I realize he probably took a Ben Dover on the proceeds and if so shame on them but now would a sequel be a good idea , I think not .
  10. 🎡🎡 Get on your bikes and ride 🎡🎡in this case right on into nothingness !
  11. It’s definitely maddening but where the excitement is is coming off Jerusalem hill and merging with drivers just getting the green light. Sometimes they will let you merge , other times it a race to get over into the single lane . Coming off the hill doing 55 and merging when the driver just coming off the light goes from 0 to 50 , I don’t think they know there is someone on their right .
  12. Boomer … for the longest time I thought that term was in reference to a flatulence problem of people my age πŸ€”πŸ˜†. But seriously, I do wish we had had the new retirement plans , 401k , IRA etc available in the working years . It was as stated that the norm was work for a pension , buy a house , raise the family then put away a bit for home improvements maybe a vacation… note vacation never came . So , now the boomer is retired , family has family of their own , house is paid off , good deal in savings and now what ? Your body is used up , and as for vacation phht ! Now, I will say that I would not want to be starting out raising a family, buying a home in this economy, much less looking toward the future to retirement, especially with the uncertainty of SSRetirement and the stock market . I would be in a panic when looking toward retirement as well I mean , damn its mind boggling to this boomer how a lot of these plans work these days . Okay did i just say β€œthese days β€œ geez I sound like my grandfather . πŸ˜† damn I sure hope I have a point in here somewhere , if not please forgive .
  13. I would loved to have seen a close up of the Sturgeon , i find them really interesting.
  14. As to the money they send home maybe you could help me out with some statistics on that to help maybe change my mind . But in the immediate I will maintain that if they would fight to make changes in whatever situation they find themselves living they could stay with their families at home and not have to β€œ send β€œ their money, however its gained , back to that home .
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