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    They have been here for years. That's why fast food is cheaper than healthy food gotta fatten up the lil piggies to make them taste better.
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    More about the 1983 miniseries
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    And those grocery carts often end up dumped along side the street somewhere. And while the homeless population in Elmira is a large cause of the problem, it's not the sole cause. I see people walking or riding their bicycles all the time just drop thewrapper or whatever they have in their hands without a thought. A large segment of our population are pigs, pure and simple, though that comparison is being kinda unfair to our porcine friends.
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    I don't drive through Elmira on a regular basis or pay close attention to which businesses (large or small) are moving in/out. But the frequency that I have to drive to Elmira (once every 2 months or so)....to me, it feels like it's gotten significantly worse in the past year or two. Around the Courthouse and Hazlett are the only places I’ve recently seen anyone walking around that’s dressed like they’re employed. Driving by St Joe’s and Centertown garage to Langdon Plaza and the Arena, I used to see year ‘round, steady pedestrian traffic of well-dressed business casual folks. I can’t say whether there are fewer large employers and businesses with workers downtown.....or if those respectable regular inhabitants just don’t want to walk around. Either way, their visibility had dwindled and they're now outnumbered by the unsavory sorts -- lugging dirty backpacks or pushing grocery carts full of junk.
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