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  2. It’s actually a good read. I’ve heard the movie was pretty awful. Im also pretty sure in the hours after the recent attempt in Trumps life, Vance tried to pin it on Biden. So, perhaps he’s “gotten a little above his raisin’” He’s likely to help secure Ohio and will help in Pennsylvania I think.
  3. Same here. I think I may start with his memoir "Hillbilly Elegy" It's available on AMAZON, as well as a Ron Howard film adaptation starring Glenn Close.
  4. Same for me so I’ll have to check him out.
  5. Out of all of them I think I knew the least info about him.
  6. to the shelters that are still in the area and abide by the rules set in place
  7. Considering the word is in quotes ( well, apostrophes ) I take it in a less literal sense, as he’s been the “heir apparent” to be the candidate almost from the get go. This writer is hardly the first one to use that word, thus my interpretation.
  8. Donald Trump has announced J.D. Vance as his pick for Vice-President.
  9. The rhetoric is still evident in the author of the article’s heading by using the word “coronation” and the historical meaning for that word instead of nomination. Just my opinion.
  10. I shop with a list and usually only go to the isles where items on my list are located. We always check the reduced wrack and mark downs on chicken and rarely pork. What pisses me off is the shrinkage of product while raising prices. Prices rarely come down when and if inflation gets better.
  11. I don't mess around with coupons much, because normally they're for name brand things that we don't buy anyway. I am more than happy to buy things that are marked down because they're approaching their expiration date however, especially if it can be frozen. I ALWAYS cruise the meat aisle for markdown specials, even today. And while I didn't get any meat, they had grocery carts full of Tops brand hamburger buns for .40 and .50, which is a $1.50 savings. I got three packages and will freeze them. I tend to buy a lot of BOGO deals, particularly on things that are a little pricier like the 12 grain bread I like for breakfast. It's usually $5.29, but if you can get it BOGO, it's a little more reasonable. Speaking of bread, Sam's Club has good deals on Sara Lee breads, purchased in 2 packs.
  12. I think this young man will go far if he keep up that attitude and works hard. I can't wait to see him in action. And Matt Milano will be back!
  13. Well that's a novel idea!!
  14. Read the rest here. What steps are YOU taking to save money on groceries?
  15. Trump tones down his rhetoric as he prepares for ‘coronation’ at Republican National Convention by Dafydd Townley, University of Portsmouth The Republican National Convention has just kicked off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The four-day event will be attended by around 50,000 Republicans including 2,400 delegates who are expected to confirm Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for November’s presidential election. The attempted assassination of the former president in Pennsylvania on Saturday has changed the tone of the convention for some, but not all. Trump has said he will tone down the vitriol in his rhetoric that has been a common feature of his campaign so far. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, he promised that in his speech to the convention, due to be delivered on Thursday, would be rewritten. “The speech I was going to give on Thursday was going to be a humdinger,” he said. “Honestly, it’s going to be a whole different speech now.” Trump also suggested that he would be speaking to those outside the convention as much as the faithful audience within. “This is a chance to bring the whole country, even the whole world, together. The speech will be a lot different, a lot different than it would’ve been,” he added, as he boarded his plane for Milwaukee. It’s not the first time that Trump has called for unity in the wake of the assassination attempt. On Sunday morning, he posted on the Truth Social network that it was “in this moment, it is more important than ever that we stand United”. The announced change in rhetoric has been a welcome one for many Republicans, including the speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, who called for calm. In an interview with CBS News, Johnson said the US needed to “turn the rhetoric down, we’ve got turn the temperature down in this country” and called on leaders of all parties to do so. The Republican senator for Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, told Bloomberg television that political figures had been responsible for the divisions in American society and that he would “like to be able to tone down the rhetoric” so that the nation could deal with the challenges the nation faces. Anger and recriminations Not all Republicans share those views. Some have pointed to the Democrats’ contention that Trump is a threat to democracy as a motivating factor for the assassination attempt. Senator J.D. Vance, a freshman Senator from Ohio seen by many as a potential vice presidential candidate to share the ticket with Trump, was not so forgiving. He stated that the Biden’s accusations have “led directly to President Trump’s attempted assassination”. Republican congressman Mike Collins shared Vance’s view, posting on X just hours after the shooting that “Joe Biden sent the orders,” referencing Biden’s comment that it was “time to put Trump in the bullseye”. Ten minutes later, Collins called for the Republican district attorney in Butler County, Pennsylvania, to “immediately file charges against Joseph R. Biden for inciting an assassination”. Despite Trump’s difference in opinion to some of his base, he’s unlikely to face much difficulty in presenting a united Republican Party, even though political commentators in the US expect the convention to be fiery and full of anger. Republicans unite behind their man But Trump’s brush with death on Saturday is likely to remove any internal dissent against his position as the party leader. Nikki Haley, his most successful opponent in the primary contests, was originally not expected to attend the convention. But after the events in Pennsylvania, Haley confirmed that she will not just attend, but speak at the convention. This is significant. For many moderates, Haley remained the focus of any potential Republican opposition to Trump. Despite officially dropping out of the race to be the Republican nominee in March, she continued to gain votes in the primaries, including more than 150,000 votes in Pennsylvania. There is also unlikely to be any opposition of the Trump campaign’s rewriting of the party’s stance on abortion. In response to Trump’s position that abortion legislation should be a state and not a federal issue, the Trump team has softened the language and has cut short on calling for a national abortion ban. The campaign team’s decision was confirmed as the Republican Party’s platform by the Republican National Committee last week. In a move away from tradition, the decision was made behind closed doors and with no press access. Religious conservatives immediately expressed their opposition to the decision. Chad Connelly, a former chair of the South Carolina Republican Party, stated that he had been contacted by more than 1,000 individuals who were disappointed with the decision. “The words I am hearing are shocked, betrayed, trampled, depressed, deflated,” he said. While he said that most of those who contacted him “will still probably vote for Trump,” he argued that this disagreement “hurts the energy needed for those folks to do the things it takes to help elect a president”. But that much of that opposition appears to have relented in light of Saturday’s shooting. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council told Associated Press: “More divisiveness would not be healthy.” It’s unlikely that Trump will be able to stifle all of the delegates’ anger over this decision. But there’s no doubt that he will retain their support and this week’s convention will undoubtedly be Trump’s coronation. However, the November election is still a long way off and it is far too early to categorically state that the attempted assassination has cemented his return to the White House. Dafydd Townley is a Teaching Fellow in International Security at University of Portsmouth This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.
  16. They could choose to abide by basic rules of safety and security (prohibiting drugs/weapons) and accept services from one of facilities and programs available.
  17. Damn, it's a hot one out there. I went to work at 6am and of course our work area is right there in the morning sun. It wasn't so bad at forst but as the morning progressed it got hotter and hotter. By the end I was dragging. Which is funny, because it's not hard work, just the heat and sweating wears on ya.
  18. It was a bad week for the 80's stars, for sure.
  19. Not being in Elmira anymore, I was unaware of the fire. While I can see how debris can accumulate in a homeless encampment and present a hazard, I am unhappy with the City's actions to clear out the encampments. Where are the homeless supposed to go?
  20. James B. Sikking, an actor known for his roles on "Hill Street Blues" and "Doogie Howser, M.D.," has died. He was 90. Sikking died Saturday due to complications from dementia, his publicist Cynthia Snyder told Variety and The Associated Press.
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