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The Starlite Room

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3018 Lake Rd, Elmira, NY, United States, New York

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We've been here for several events over the past couple years but never as a place to go when we don't feel like cooking. We heard the fish fry was really good, so decided to stop in here for dinner last night. 

Full disclosure, I used to work with the current owner and have known him for years. But I also know when he has his mind set on how he wants things done, they get done that way. And it shows when you're here. 

The staff are all friendly and the overall vibe is laid back. That's really important for me. When we arrived we were told to sit anywhere we like, including the bar if we wanted. There was one table left in the bar area, so we took that. 

The music playing overhead wasn't too loud, also important, and they had a good selection of beers including local, which is also important. 

We order the "Haddock filet" which is their version of a fish fry, but it's done in an air fryer so expect little more time. With that in mind we got mozzarella sticks for an appetizer. I ordered an Ithaca brewing "Flower Power" which is really good and seems to be a regular presence there. 

When the food came out, it was good and hot so apparently an air fryer does the job. The fish wasn't one of those greasy, over breaded fries we've come to expect. I got fries and slaw as my two sides, but there's a wide choice of other sides available. The fish was about 8oz, and the portion sizes were just right. I didn't take a pic of my dish but here's what you can expect the fish to come out looking like:


Overall it was a good meal and great dining experience. The prices are very reasonable in my opinion.

I commented that while we don't go out to eat often, we should make this a regular stop in the future. Apparently a lot of others feel the same as it got busier around 6pm with some familiar faces coming through the door. My only regret was we had somewhere else to be so couldn't hang around for another drink and socialize more. 

I definitely recommend The Starlite room!

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I highly recommend the cheese steak and their mac and cheese both are delicious. I am not sure how I feel about air-fried fish 

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We just went again and had the chicken parm. Another good meal, and we both brought half of it home along with some “to go” dessert.

Speaking of “to-go”, they do that as well as delivery within a 10 mile radius ( I believe ).

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