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  1. it causes bacterial pneumonia which was the leading cause of death in in 1918 spanish flu epidemic!
  2. believing that this guy got 81 million votes (more votes than anyone else ever) while never leaving his basement is madness 100%
  3. Using things like school mask mandates as a criteria to get federal education money...now thats some politic right there!
  4. Mahatma


    these are very comforting words Linda! i am very sorry for your loss!
  5. I guess my question is more about the social ramifications that come with this "personal choice"...not the choice itself. but also a person like myself who has made my decision about the shot and who also has antibodies from past exposure. where does that leave me. are we really ok with a two tier citizenship in America? oh im sorry, i thought this was 'Murica! -Randy Marsh
  6. At what point do you see airlines not allow non-vaccinated people on their planes? at what point do you see cities not allowing non-vaccinated people the ability to ride the bus or the subway? i say by the end of this year! What say you?
  7. If masks worked the first time, why do it again? If masks did not work the first time, why do it again? This has never been about stopping the spread. Divide and dehumanize!
  8. The Foo Fighters would only allow fans that could prove they were vaccinated to attend their concert in LA. Then they had to cancel/postpone it because someone in organization tested positive! rumor is that its the drummer! but the irony of this whole this is delicious! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/foo-fighters-postpone-los-angeles-concert-1197591/
  9. The mental gymnastics this author used in writing this article would surely win a gold medal in Tokyo. The entire article is based around the idea of suggestion. Hell, she even uses that word in just about every single paragraph! lol
  10. Linda, this is a really beautiful and introspective poem! well done 🙂
  11. sorry but PCR testing not accurate nor is it meant to be a diagnostic tool. i posted the reasons why on here some time back, but im sure few people read it! (the only response i got at the time was from Chris and he just replied "lot to unpack there") But the quick version is that any sample that is cycled through more than 20 times will produce false positives. and when i originally posted it, it was during Trumps admin and the CDC's recommended minimum cycle count was 40 and WHO's was 45. these recommendations were by design to make positive cases rise (many being asymptomatic cases) so that they could drive the pandemic. (masks sell the pandemic and positive cases drive it)....then right on 1-20-21 the Biden admin quietly reduced the cycle count recommendation to 20 so it would appear as if there were less cases. Also the inventor of the PCR testing method (who just happened to die two months prior to this whole thing) is on record stating that this test was not meant and should not be used a diagnostic tool! sorry but i dont care how many people got sick, it doesnt give the government the right to strip us of our religious freedom! just think....healthy people are now being conditioned to think they need to be treated for something they dont have. the pharmaceutical industries wet dream!
  12. i truly hope religious freedoms will not be squashed because of the results from a faulty PCR testing process that is not intended to be a diagnostic tool! just like they were last fall!
  13. Mahatma

    The Nail

    I really liked this one Linda. I read it more than once. 🙂
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