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  1. a good start would be for Washington to stop supplying cash and weapons, followed by no more excusing their actions and no more vetoes at the UN
  2. surprise surprise....snowball is creeping around the barnyard again. they pulled this crap in 2016 and it was proven to be made up
  3. true, however, maybe there are people out there that are willing to hold true to their convictions....ever have the thought or dream where you stand on the mountain top, looking down on ALL the stupid bullshit in the world, yell STOPPP!!! at the top of your lungs only to be ignored? Maybe in his mind this was his way of not being ignored and getting folks to listen( not holding my breath though). Anymore i can really see why some people feel driven to violence( think going postal); it seems the only way to shake a certain group of society out of their focus on self, even if only for a fleeting moment
  4. expensive as hell, i think we took aiden and neighbor girl a while back...did the airsoft. one mag each for 3 was 60 dollars, maybe bit more
  5. its around 200k they actual put in the budget every year. if it dont come from the State, itll come out of the residents' pockets....well most of 'em anyways. Wonder how folks will feel about paying for salaries and services they dont get then
  6. sadly, too many "Legislators" are just there to fill out their retirement bennies and health insurance; rubber stamping is the easiest way to not actually work. given the way people have voted last few elections, these very same Legislators know the bare minimum to keep constituents voting
  7. given that information, would it not be an overstep then, for the system to be used for anything but what was approved?( truly seeking education btw) i guess IF it were in the fine print, the Then-Legislators should have been more attentive to what they were agreeing to and We were paying for, as to the second part, while not totally unbelievable, it would be SO interesting tp have proof come about. Quoted for truth. frankly it seems so simple to have a Law/motion made that the County( both exec/Legislative) are to use the same system throughout. certainly would improve communication while, at least in this instance, end ONE waste of taxpayer time and money. Thanks so much for updating and participating here, it truly is appreciated
  8. nope, just kill or wound them.... at this point nobody can say this is solely about hostages or Israeli National security; this is "from the river to the sea" just more "subtle". for a cease-fire, return of prisoners( some could say hostages) and an eventual withdrawal of Israeli forces they could have ALL the Israeli hostages returned...instead it seems more extermination is preferred.
  9. not that i disagree, but all that will accomplish is to further the pissing in each other's sandboxes as i believe the "control" of IT is the Exec's area
  10. when we first planted mine, i didnt realise pruning early on was beneficial as it was then you shape the tree how you want it down the road, instead im currently making up for the lost time now, luckily kept them short so half the battle is already fought
  11. so both Legislative Clerks have now resigned....wonder if thats anything to do with majority of the members being a waste of taxpayers money
  12. 1. i know why he is back; the others that followed him sucked arse. 2. He is a genius, and insightful
  13. i see nothing in need of apology, its actually MUCH different than the usual garbage candidates sling at each other. its funny reading reactions on NPR site, youd think the kennedys were all saints...lets see, made their fortunes bootlegging, had one daughter lobotomized to protect family image, JFK was a philanderer, pill popper another a drunk that killed a teen girl, etc.
  14. i think it offers soooo much fodder for Deadpool's type of humor
  15. From USA Today article: "Lift Every Voice and Sing" was written by former NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson. It essentially calls for the liberation of Black Americans. It's more commonly known as the Black national anthem." the Author goes on further to bemoan the lack of unity....well when you claim that blacks in his Country are in need of liberation in the 21st century, its kind of hard not be offended. to refer to the song as the "black National Anthem" further incites ire and division as doing so implies that there is a Black Nation, seemingly separate from the one Nation indivisible we've all lived under from at least the the 1970's till today. I'm not really invested in the super bowl but for hosting the 2 anthems, im really not going to be watching it anytime soon for what its worth
  16. AAAND of course Israel shot it down. much more territory to grab i guess.
  17. the committee is acting surprised and ignorant of the Execs actions; its disturbing since it is they who hold the purse strings. the request for expenditures would have HAD to cross their desk at some point and be approved. are we to believe they did so without question/discussion, or is it a result of like they did that night; approve bonding/ spending without knowing how many windows or signs they get for the money? as to Legislature using what system, cool, civic is 10k less, did they reach out to peak and ask since exec side is buying, is there a further discount if they use it too? very concerning that PEAK owns granicus/novus but how is it they own the old system but the information wont be stored or searchable? i guess id like to hear more from Moss as to how he decided to use it knowing it wouldnt cross over. it was nice to hear Rodney ask about migration and basically working with the Exec, but the to hear Legislator Smith pipe in....since his 1st term, you can really tell mr Smith has a class-1 hardon for Moss and im thinking he pushes this attitude upon others making and in turn both sides dig their heels in, making cooperation more realistic amongst toddlers than this group in the end it should not be our system versus exec system...ffs, just get the system that will store searchable archived info and will communicate seamlessly between the two branches
  18. i sent Rodney a message with an outlined image of the area. asked if maybe the county could skip mowing there late may through september since its a thick area of milkweed growth
  19. shes in the area soon, to do a book signing, really hoping there is a great turnout for her
  20. 118 billion Emergency Security Bill. less than 10% of which actually goes towards the Border issue. this Bill spends more money on reimbursing Nations that have donated to Ukraine, "federal salaries as pertaining to Ukraine", some sort of "foreign military-something-program", reimbursing countries that illegals are returned to, or housing/healthcare and assistance for illegals than it does on hiring judges and CBP agents. the Lion's share of funding appropriated to any of our Military branches is specifically designated for Ukraine related. i couldnt even get into reading the "enforcement" parts of the Bill, but seeing that the trigger for "shutdown" is like 8500 in a day...i cant imagine any of it being of any use. its funny how Dems are putting this all on Reps, that its THEY who are stalling action on the border when back in May, HR2 was sent from the House to the Senate and it was sat on....HR2, from what ive read so far, had WAY more teeth to it Cannot help but think with all the $$ sent to Ukraine over Biden's Term, if it isnt some sort of quid-pro-quo seeing as Joe and Son have had fingers over there for years.
  21. so are they now saying sequestering CO2 is a BAD thing?
  22. the relevant Superstar sees this and scoffs; hes the people's champion and until hes told to stop....hell just crusa....i mean campaign on it
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