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  1. could of done same for abortion quite a while ago, but then what hot button issue could they fund raise on for '24
  2. "Robert J. Anderson is not the only actor in this film who also played a child in It's a Wonderful Life (1946). Karolyn Grimes, who plays Debby, played Zuzu in It's a Wonderful Life, whilst Robert J. Anderson played a young George Bailey." "Sarah Edwards, who plays Mrs. Duffy, played Mrs. Hatch in another Christmas classic, It's a Wonderful Life (1946), a year earlier." from IMDB for The Bishop's Wife
  3. just the thing though....they SAY its a different Board, however, Mr. Roman was appointed 3 years ago. that puts him at end of Nichols and start of Donner; in both instance critical issues were missed or ignored. Either way he should no longer have anything to do with the IDA or County positions. further; according to members in the video, the initial $375k was to be matched by the IDA (and apparently has yet to be dispersed) add that to the fresh $500k and its a cool 1.5 million sopped up by the Arena this round. finally, im wondering who exactly is calling for Legislators to be silent on the sabotage of the building/equipment( since nichols claimed he put over 200k into the building of his own money) 1. someone is FOS, 2. since when did anyone need permission to be a whistle-blower or report potential criminal activity....the only persons any Legislator answers to is voters( in theory)
  4. Machine Gun Preacher, The Count of Monte Cristo, secret life of walter mitty, imitation game, 13th warrior, master and commander, John Carter, though i didnt realize many of these were underrated until i looked them up
  5. im curious, and aske Mr. Strange, why money reserved for covid related/affected issues is being used due to piss poor management or sabotage as claimed by mr margeson.
  6. some degree of hazing is to be expected....time was when the freshmen class spent 1st week of highschool being "hunted" by the upper class( mainly Seniors), it sucked, strangely a bit fun but it was soon over. Kids these days just are different breed and parents more ignorant, or less present. it certainly does not help that Schools get funding based on asses in seats; for that actual education seems to have taken a back-seat...IMHO Education is a privilege, not a right. if the little darlin's dont want to behave and be Civil; boot them out, they certainly havent the right to disrupt the education of others
  7. family traditions....
  8. its sad but not surprising, that place has been a known drug-haven for years
  9. time and again we read stories like this and time and again we hear "more gun laws". perhaps its not the guns but the failure of the system that enacts/"enforces" them?
  10. actually, i remember hearing about our reading about that very thing. when the city changed the traffic on water street it WAS to create the appearance of higher volumes of traffic in order to attract business and other investments wish i could rmember the source
  11. if im not mistaken, i believe he is one in the past that has lamented the fact the Legislature re-approves all the motions/proposals that were already done at beginning of the year thereby wasting time that could be better spent discussing matters in depth and in public view hes not wrong, it is concerning that so little of the funds have been dispersed yet millions has again been given to the IDA for the Arena( as if it hasnt sponged enough over the years) and he did include the Legislature as "guilty" party, approach could have been bit less confrontational
  12. sorry, in a way shes bad-ass, but just cannot get with team Beth
  13. think Dave had to bring out the Dem love as the room wasnt diggin the Jew bit mans a master
  14. hoping against hope it bodes well for legislative race, and maybe the beginnings of some change more locally, almost asked the 1st lady( yup, gets public monies for that too) to come over and ask if i marked the Legislative pick dark enough, figured I entertain the Fates well enough, no point in tempting Karma as well
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