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  1. he should not limit that sentiment to establishment Repubs....essentially any SANE person views him like that not for nothin' but the kid does remind of him quite a bit
  2. You do realize what the job/expectations are of Law Enforcement right? Your (mis)characterization that they are "primed to shoot first..." would argue otherwise. First, it is no less offensive than stereotyping blacks, Jews, Gays or any other social/racial group that i am sure would outrage you or any sensible person were they to hear it. Im curious given your statement, what your views on those officers that have been gunned down(ambushed) when responding to seemingly minor calls? Second; imagine your home being burgled while you are there or worse yet, sexual assault; when you call the police what is your expectation for them to do, particularly if that criminal is armed, when they arrive? i really dont believe a polite request to cease and follow them to the squad car is gonna quite have the results you seem to imagine. as has been said time and again: there are bad apples in EVERY group; to judge the many based upon those few is the epitome of ignorance. is there room for more training in dealing with mental issues...of course but before expecting them to add THAT to the plate, perhaps we need to demand better/more mental health care from those we vote into office and hold THEM responsible first. Law enforcement is designed to deal with the criminal element or at minimum enforce the laws that are supposed to keep society civil. More often than not, when weapons are involved in criminal acts, its an easy bet, the police will be outgunned...Expecting them to use talk-therapy or blow kisses back at those using weapons
  3. we were at mall getting shoes tonight, wasnt even 730pm and the amount of remaining stores that were closed was sad. i suppose the mall is getting a taste of what happened to elmira when IT came along, but its not surprising, weve visited family in Niagra falls for years, and there are quite a few similar setups that are in same condition.
  4. Your idea in the other thread about foot patrols is 100% spot on; i think there should be varied and regular routes in different parts of the City that gives officers and the public to be in closer contact; opportunities to get to know one an other instead of a predator v prey scenario( not demonizing LEO btw)
  5. 100% City police should have short, varied routes throughout different sections of the City in order to be amongst the people (so to speak)
  6. Careful, i did that up here few years ago, instead of waving, he pulled me over, claimed i didn't stop long enough at the stop sign and ticketed me. that said, its much like any other group; there's bound to be assholes you just cannot judge the whole based on the minority. I've long advocated for, at minimum, drive throughs by deputies as there has been an uptick in speeding, break-ins and suspicious activity over the years yet the response has been we are a "low needs area". well many have gotten to the point of not bothering to call because when/if they show up usually within the first 5 minutes of interaction, its rare not to hear " well there's really not much we can do..." if you look at the majority of those who "hate" police, often times it is because they have run afoul of the Law, got caught yet do not take responsibility for their actions. if we have too many of anything, id say it would be career politicians of ALL stripes
  7. bit of a germaphobe here: i can see both sides of this issue. as to washing hands in the bathroom; if you are preparing/handling other peoples' food, you should be required to wash your hands. i KNOW my junk is cleaner than majority of other things ill come into contact with but when i see workers wearing gloves to fix food, then make change, wipe their brow, then NOT change said-gloves; it makes me question what other hygienic stops might be off the table....or think of this: would you want some person fixin' a sammich for you; knowing full well how thin T.P is? on flip side yes, antibacterial everything and antibiotics every time the sniffles occur has lead to resistant bacteria. get out there, soak in Nature roll in the dirt pee on a tree, but scrub-a-dub before fixin' some grub!
  8. Im confident no one here believes otherwise. It likely would be beneficial to your candidate to use this platform to elucidate his thinking on such matters. There are many that are no fans of current office-holders, the term Leadership would be too generous. But the optics of a campaign manager supporting the elimination, or at least questioning the need for them, forces one to think there is a lack of concern/knowledge for safety or litigation against the City(taxpayers) on the part of the Candidate That's what happens in a civilized Society Honestly, probably not often enough. but while questioning them, do so based upon facts that might even negate your(general term) position, if the information bears out the need for change; Lobby elected officials to amend the law/regulation. While working or waiting for change, we cannot ignore those Laws.
  9. i admit im comparing it to Mando series; it was a bit....meh but certainly see potential for some great duels to come
  10. i mean this with all due respect; you cannot be serious
  11. you'll get no argument from anyone here on that account. as the campaign manager, you may find more support for your candidate with that approach rather than the pool. the visual appeal as well as there are more growing months than for swimming; it shows a grasp on ROI and community involvement
  12. while not as extreme/realistic as Kevin's, my plan is welfare and/or disability...we both have retirement accounts that i pay attention to as well as small stock "portfolio" but whoever thinks social security will be solvent, or those cockroaches in DC wont keep raising the retirement age, are sorely mistaken
  13. many of us here do not live in the City, so no real dogs in the hunt beyond academic discussion. that said; i would ask you, as a candidate, if you become Mayor what would your plan be for that structure/area? what funding sources, or limits to the budget involved would you confine the taxpayers of Elmira to? Timeline and deadlines; as this isnt the first go-round for the pool topic. keep in mind 1.many of those in the City with any nostalgia are too old to be using a future pool at the site, and given the criminal activity/homeless issues, are not likely to take grandkids there either. 2. Im sure popular opinion amongst residents of the area WOULD support the construction of a new pool there however, anecdotally, majority of those residents do not pay property taxes, or are in financial position to offer financial assistance to the project. leaving many property owners on the hook for tax monies that could be better used (with smarter, actual leadership of the City) to bring sustainable economic changes to the area. your heart is likely in the right place and while honoring the past is important, Elmira has to quit living in and blaming the past, and move forward.
  14. that greenery is not mere shrubbery, but near 20+ foot trees that not only have grown through the concrete, but established root systems, that even once the above ground bits are cut, will/can disrupt the soil beneath for years to come. No one is necessarily poo-pooing your sentiment; its just 3 or 4 decades too late. the above picture precludes any need for an independent study and certainly, as anyone with the slightest experience in trades-work, is well beyond Journeyman level, let alone student/grunt level. its time to knock it down and look to more fruitful uses of the area
  15. very good ideas actually, though likely would not bring the City much in the way of it's favorite grant funding
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