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  1. to the shelters that are still in the area and abide by the rules set in place
  2. let me enter one bit of info then return to regularly scheduled convo: 133 of 535 identify as Black, Asian, Native American or Hispanic(https://www.pewresearch.org/short-reads/2023/01/09/u-s-congress) that is 25% of Congress. As a Nation those same groups account for roughly 33% (2020 Census) of the population...there may be other mathematics involved to move that variability slightly one way or the other, but im honestly not THAT smart so for sake of discussion we will have to settle on a variance from National Demographics by 8% pretty damn reflective of the population. Therein lies the problem, you are entirely welcome to your opinions, but not to offer them as fact. You seem to be so hung up on matters of race you are wiling to just go along with what you are told by those that profit from such matters without stopping to inform yourself first. Be passionate about matters but Be accurate about them too.
  3. only "part time" job that pays 100K+ per year where folks come out millionaires, and consistently beat the S&P index with their investment choices....cannot imagine for one moment why any of them would not want to give up the gravy. minimum age to run for POTUS is 35; maximum age for any public office/judicial appointment should be 71
  4. should probably read it bit closer: I could find nowhere in the section indicating that "teach Christian religious beliefs in public schools" unless of course one stretches the idea of portable education dollars to achieve that idea. in fact in regards to the education section, the claims in the graphic above, would make Stretch Armstrong cry Uncle. Given the steady decline of performance results of American students over the last 3 decades, perhaps it IS time to return education responsibility to the States and its families. As for "cutting Social Security" the document does not address doing so in any manner. Heritage Foundation( responsible for P2025) has advocated for raising age for SS to 70, but Trump is on record as not being in favor of doing so. there is a LOT of information in the pages, but folks should really take the time to actually read it; im sure some of the above claims may be supported in the reading, but a Mark Hamill Twitter post should not be taken as fact-based evidence of some nefarious scheme involving a potential Trump Presidency
  5. may be a stretch but maybe "silence means consent" is an argument that is being made?
  6. they most certainly do, many times the victim is punished as much as if and when the bully is if things get physical. what could be better is for Administrators to no longer view schools as revenue generators. they have to have X amount of asses in seats for a set number of days in order to maintain their funding so all the little shitbirds get to keep on disrupting education with little to no consequences.
  7. 1. we ALL know that despite representing 30% of County population, the City sure as hell does not generate majority of the sales tax revenue. 2. hes trying to recruit the municipalities into the fight with the assumption the City will receive the lion-share of the benefit....well if hes that concerned about the outlying towns; then he wont mind if OUR shares are increased and the City's stays flat?
  8. on this one i have to say Mr Brinn is in the wrong...last few posts he has made regarding municipal issues have been half-truths at best. As a public representative one needs to be sure of FACTS before posting things; opining on subjects based on hunches or "misremembered" numbers does the public no good and really tanks credibility. further: We the taxpayers outside the City of Elmira have been paying for the City-boner that is the first arena for many years, i would say that argues against any more of OUR monies going into the city. perhaps instead of picking fights with County offices, maybe Mr. Brinn and the City Council should put better energy into finding ways that are not pie in the sky wastes of grant monies, to actually bring steady revenues into the City?
  9. i have some wood working items i could donate for raffle if youd like
  10. of course not, sept 18th date leaves perfect amount of time for an October surprise
  11. i think best thing DJT can do is not participate in the second debate....invoke the little league "mercy rule", not wanting to punch down etc. because he gets on stage again, he WILL be baited into a full on magga meltdown and squander any gains made in debate #1
  12. when occurrences such as this happen in minority communities the automatic go-to is to blame the police. While this is not to excuse bad apples, perhaps the first though/reaction should be "how did things get to this point and why is no one learning from them?" instead of blaming the system, whites, men, police, phase of the moon; maybe look inward and see the breakdown of the nuclear family, the glorification of gang-life, rap, violence. While no demographic corners the market in these areas it does appear to be more popular amongst some(generally speaking). Perhaps cultivating self respect, community involvement, holding "community leaders" accountable for lack of improvements in said communities, less tolerance for ignorant behavior. this young person was out late, carrying a weapon that looks quite real, matched descriptions of suspects for robberies in that very area, RAN from police, brandished this weapon and struggled with them when caught. those choices were not impulsive; they were cultivated. you came here wanting open and honest discussion, well there you go
  13. when they started becoming suspects/participants in crimes? better question you might come up with is: When did it become ok/cool to be criminal element; why dont communities of color do a better job of policing their own? answer those and perhaps tragedies like this might end
  14. road trip to Salamanca antique mall, lots of interesting stuff but nothing that shouted "take me home". work two off 2 then one more before camping next week. with cooler weather, actually gt out to the shop to work bit more on a thank you piece for a local dentist that let me have a ton of walnut from his property. 2 biggest hurdles have been the wood drying out and coming up with a shape that nods to his culture without being too appropriating.hoping to have done by end of month so i can move on to a retirement clock idea
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