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  1. and there was ripts right after right oh wait not all people do that
  2. wish it was his brother and his girlfreind
  3. i seen on facebook someone said this is the same guy he was arrested for assaulting a few years ago realnice guy
  4. we really are getting an early spring Chris freind didnt see his shadow either looks like
  5. does that mean theyll still stand around being useless or actually work now
  6. which one of Mikes buddys are working for the camera company ?
  7. i seen shes had driving isues before https://cnycentral.com/news/local/sp-ithaca-woman-stopped-for-speeding-arrested-for-impaired-driving?fbclid=IwAR0PVvdGGFV_Z-dKAq3BR58mXFX97ife5qHC2pT4_ImY28tZVNlp17RNLcE
  8. the shools have been sweeping this stuff under the rug for years now especially elmira sometimes I wonder if the superintendant is even told whats going on in her buildings.
  9. Rod

    Brand Park Pool

    I dont say much on here but ive even reading these topics and recognising a couple names so i did some looking into it how many times can people move around and run for office ? you got one running for mayor who ran for legislature in catlin, and a campaign manager. whose run for mayor of corning a couple time and then suddenly the next year for county legislator here in chemung county you've jumped on two topics that are hot and ion peoples minds and say we lack imagination like were a bunch of rubes but were smarter than you think makes me wonder what the real agenda is here with all this hopping from place to place
  10. Rod

    Clemons Center Parkway

    "Clemens" Just sayin
  11. Rod

    Brand Park Pool

    lofty ideas and words, and we’ve heard them all before usually from people who move here and think they have all the answers us local rubes haven’t thought of 100 times already or those who move from district to district seeking political office where evr one opens up Elmira has a lot of other bigger problems besides a shell of a pool that’s not even the original one built in the 20s
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