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  1. Data literally means facts. So when he says its incorrect then its not really data. It was ASS-UMPTIONS. The stuff he says are assumptions on city and town sales tax is probably DATA. Like the fact it doesn’t take an einstein to know car sales are the biggest sales tax and there’s only elm chevy and a couple of used car dealers in the city and dozens in other towns in the county. Same with other big ticket stuff like tractors furniture and appliances. Not to mention all the restaurants or retail that people outside the county or from pa shop for.
  2. don’t think rodney has a say on town rules or laws being county. but hes been good making donations and promoting local things and always at public events to answer questions. he pushed hard for veterans to get property tax breaks and let us know how to get it. which nobody from town bothered to do.
  3. county or school district need to have someone on pay role investigating fraud if people are claiming residence falsely.
  4. proud that rodney cares about us. but town of southport needs the diaper changed cause there full of you know what.
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