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  1. The day they took God out of children's lives and stopped paddling kids in school and home we created a generation of entitlement
  2. 712 magee St is owned by Elmira college and is a rental but is tax exempt pays zero sewage tax
  3. All house's get a star exemption from basic to enhance star 402 William st for example gets a 56k exemption with a total assessment of 42k pays zero school taxes
  4. I can list several apartments buildings that pay hardly any school taxes
  5. And I can't ask my dad he died in 2021 a month after my parents 60th anniversary ride at Eldridge Park
  6. It main purpose was to filter out food waste before it was pumped to county sewage plant
  7. My dad did his apprentice at that plant before he went to Moore's business forms than interstate Brand's corporation than retired from the Star gazette in 2004
  8. People who rent many get earned income tax credit in tune of up to 10k or more I am saying they should pay also it shouldn't be just owners who have property over the 30k tax assessment
  9. Many property owners have homes appraised at 30k or less in value and pay zero to little school taxes. With several kids being educated Free maybe have a minimum amount for people who have children in district
  10. Former sewage plant for the old AP plant been abandoned for decades
  11. Grasso vote's against the BS like council pay increase he voted against the 20 million dollar housing unit on church St that was a waste
  12. It should have been but it got to the point that it was getting ready to collapse into the building then it would. Cost millions more to demolish and replace
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