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  1. Change can only happen, when people become engaged. Please consider attending.
  2. The website also has a video narrative from Talima Aaron, President of the John W. Jones Museum Board, discussing the life of John W. Jones.
  3. Regarding video public comments, I don't believe it would be submission of produced videos, but enabling functionality that would allow citizens to appear on screen and their public comments would be exhibited. I'm mentioning it because Chairman Manchester brought it up and it requires an explanation to the public of the status. Letting it go without proper explanation by the Chairman is not acceptable.
  4. The other item too, that's not to be forgotten, Chairman Manchester said that they were working on an accomodation to the video system, that would allow citizens to provide a video public comment. Maybe some people are still not comfortable going to a meeting, but would like to provide a video comment? Are any legislators shepherding that add on for public service?
  5. In honor of Black History Month, please view the "online virtual tour" of the John W. Jones museum in Elmira. The museum is closed for the season until June, so enjoy this glimpse into the home of John W. Jones, a man that was a vital part of the Underground Railroad. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=YywKFx36u6z&help=1&ts=1
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