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WHO Says Talc Is "Probably Carcinogenic" - Here's What That Means

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What did the study find?

The IARC put together a working group of 29 scientists from 13 countries to assess the cancer-causing ability of talc. 

They analyzed three different types of evidence: that coming directly from studies in humans; evidence from scientific studies in animals; and that from experiments like those using human cells or tissue grown in a lab:

  • Human studies showed “limited” evidence – though there were many that found higher rates of ovarian cancer in people who reported using powder on their perineum (the area between the anus and vulva in females).
  • Animal studies provided “sufficient” evidence – for example, research rats that had breathed in talc had gone on to develop a variety of different tumors.
  • Experimental systems showed “strong” evidence – studies found talc could alter some of the key cellular processes related to cancer, like proliferation and nutrient supply.

Combining this evidence, the team concluded that talc was “probably carcinogenic to humans”.


See the rest of this article here. 

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