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  1. Read the rest here. Have you ever seen anything strange in or around Seneca Lake? We'd love to hear about it!
  2. ELMIRA - According to Elmira Police, three juveniles were arrested today on robbery charges after a two day investigation. Police say on Monday night around 10:50 PM, police responded to the area of Perine Street on the city's south side for a report of a man on the ground being assaulted by three individuals. When officers arrived and located the victim, they found that he needed medical attention and had him transported to a local hospital. There, the victim was found to have a broken arm and several bruised ribs. During the assault, several personal items were stolen from the victim. Today investigators looked into the incident further and later responded to an address on Fulton Street, the home of one of the suspects the victim had identified. however when police arrived, the suspect and several others inside with them barricaded themselves inside. Police attempted to communicate with those inside by loud speaker. A search warrant was obtained as officers continued their attempts to communicate with the occupants, unsuccessfully, for nearly two hours. members of the elmira Police SWAT team were assembled and made entry into the residence. Several were taken into custody, among them three juveniles responsible for the robbery the night before. Police say that two of these individuals had been reported missing by their parents and had been away from home for several weeks. A search of the residence resulted in the stolen items being recovered. As a result of this investigation, three juveniles, a sixteen year old, a seventeen year old, and a fourteen year old were charged with Robbery in the First Degree, a Class B Felony. The Elmira Police Department was assisted by the New York State Police and the Chemung County Sheriff's Office in the investigation.
  3. ELMIRA.- Early this morning a local sticker shop business known as 420 Novelties was raided by Elmira Police as well as state officials. Elmira Police Department, New York State Police, as well as the New York State Office of Cannabis Management were at the business’s two locations, one on West Water Street and the other on Pennsylvania Avenue in Elmira. Both locations were shut down and a notice placed on the window that indicates the business was ordered to stop illegal activity and that illicit cannabis product had been seized. In addition to the two store locations, police also raided the home of the business’s owner, listed as Christopher McKinkle of Elmira. However police have released no details about what they were looking for or any charges pressed against him. These raids are one of many similar raids by the state throughout the area of so called “sticker shops.” Sticker shops are retail locations that have been skirting New York State laws by selling items such as stickers and then “gifting” a corresponding amount of marijuana. However the state sees them as undermining attempts to this relatively new industry. “As New York State continues to roll out a nation-leading model to establish its cannabis industry, these critical enforcement measures will protect New Yorkers from illicit, unregulated sales,” Governor Hochul said back in May. “Unlicensed dispensaries violate our laws, put public health at risk, and undermine the legal cannabis market.
  4. Stokes' recordings has launched a movie project: You can find out more about the film, "Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project" here. You can access the Internet Archive of her collection ( so far ) here. What from Stokes' collection would you be interested in seeing? Have you encountered news footage related to a historical event years later and think, "Wait, I don't remember it happening like that."
  5. Read more here. What do you think? Should there be an upper age limit for those in elected office?
  6. Alright, thats about enough for this topic which is neither serious, sane, locally oriented or anything constructive. In the future let’s keep the posts one or the other, or we’ll have to set new topics to moderator approval. Which is something we’ve never had to do before.
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