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  1. And if I'm gunna go down I'm gunna go down swinging like it's Game 7 of the World Series bottom of the 9th and my team is down 3 and irs a full count and I'm swinging for the fences for the game winning hit. I'll level and say I don't care what people think of me or what I have to say. I'm not here to make friends or care what people think. Most people don't even know what they think of themselves. So for that they are easy to bully/control. But I'm not that guy. I'll look at information, be observant and think for myself and if I have a stance I look to back it up to the best of my ability. It is not my job to research for others and tell them how to take anything in but on my end I can support the claim. I can't find the original article because it may not even be archived. I don't care about source credibility. People whine about the mainstream anyway and they have billions of dollars in funding. Who cares if they talk about something. The media in the world are largely owned by 6 corporations anyway. People actually think they would have an investment in telling you the real truth. That's a cute belief though. The most dangerous thing to society is a conscious mind. But anyway.... Hmm.....like I have said the CIA just so happens to meet with him 2 months prior? He's also reported as being sick with a fatal disease some 18 months before the day even gets here? But Americans will never see a French newspaper. Just like they never would have seen that March 2000 article in an Asian newspaper. That is the point. The Guardian is also an English newspaper and in 2001 nobody here would see this.....that is the point. To me I don't give a rats ass about being shut down but that doesn't mean before that I won't put out the information for people to see and think for themselves. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2001/nov/01/afghanistan.terrorism https://www.haaretz.com/2001-10-31/ty-article/french-report-bin-laden-met-cia-agent-this-summer/0000017f-ef67-df98-a5ff-efef37670000 Like I said I'm not sorry. I'm not the one who did that day and blamed someone else. I'm not thr one who told you to sit home afraid of the air and sniffles. I'm not the one causing useless tension and conflict in international lands like this one currently. It's all a correlation. Bin Laden is nothing but a patsy. Just like the guy they told us for JFK and so on. The same people who lied to you about who was responsible lied about COVID, every war we have been on and bullshit like landing on the moon(there is another one, hmm....wonder why we haven't been back and NASA admits they don't have the technology anymore?) Gee, I don't know could it be the black and white TVs everyone had in 1969? CIA is behind it all. By the way Bin Laden was a CIA asset. His CIA name was Tim Osman. None of this is really nw information. Not that I care about my fate on here cause I don't but like I said if I'm gunna go I'm gunna swing for the fences with zero apology because I didn't do any of these events and I'm not responsible fir anybody level of perceptions, including yours. But hey we are both hiding on an internet screen with no names of ourselves to present. For all I know it could be an automated robot on the other end here. Hehe.
  2. I mean this is straight from the horses mouth....9 days after they decide to go invade Iraq and they had no reason for it. This guy says that and these people laugh. It's all a joke. Nowhere in my post did I ever say it didn't happen but your indoctrination level and quick use of the retarded coined term "conspiracy theorist" which was nothing more than a CIA coined phrase to use on anyone who questioned the Kennedy assassination in the 60s. That story has a lot of loopholes but who cares thr Kennedy family was in the club. All anyone needs to know is the alleged shooter never got his day in court. Hmm....wonder why that was......or I don't.
  3. It's not a person's job for you to decide what is the truth or not. That term is so stupid to shoot people down. Nobody wants to think for themselves. It's pretty dimple. The same people who lied to you about that day and pulled that off are the same people to sit home from sniffles magically caused by the air. By the way just because the narrative sold to the public is disagreed on doesn't mean the event didn't happen. What is disagreed upon is how it happened and there is a huge difference between those two things. How it happened is important. It shapes the future. They repeat the same tactics over and over again. All they do is change the locations and details. Nothing special. It's all a lie and we are all slaves. Not my fault for figuring that out. If they can lie to you about many things why not it all.? You've seen the education system. We have all been apart of it at one point in our lives or another. History is only told by the winners. Doesn't mean it's accurate. Shit Disney has altered history its whole existence(just look at a movie like Pocahontas) the funny thing about events like that is we were all either not alive for some of them, or we were and we were too young to know what was going on at that time or we are too old and forget the dirty tricks of things that have happened before. It's pretty obvious it was an inside job. It's not even like it's a secret. All you have to do is look at how old the US is and how many years they have been involved in wars. All but 25 years of our pathetic existence. That's very telling. You also might want to look up countries we have invaded since then. Even General Wesley Clark bragged about how we were going to topple 7 countries in 5 years. Maybe some of these places ring a bell....Libya(toppled Gadahffi) Syria....all the "tension" with Iran. Hmm....not a coincidence. Again it's not my job to decide how people feel or what they decide to believe. Perception is only to your level of understanding. We live in a highly indoctrinated society from the state run education and Tell-Lie-Vision and recreational drugs. I wonder if that's a coincidence...or not. I'm not sorry for your level of understanding. It's not my job. But censorship fies nothing but keep people in their safe space bubble.
  4. My parents are both of the boomer generation but it is interesting to see the difference between say my grandfather and uncle and my mother and her sisters. Even in his 90s I still see my grandfather not splurge. Still careful with his money. Mind you for his age he has more than enough to spend in his remaining days. I'm not sure if it's to pass something along to his grandkids or his kids or both. My parents and aunts/uncles are mostly in the retired zone now. But I watch what goes on. I watch how these people shop and what not. They all have an abundance of food(a fair amount gets tossed, even some times leftovers, which to me is mind-boggling how you can waste food)then I think growing up in a family of 4 every bedroom had an air conditioner. Every bedroom had a TV in it. There were like 6 or 7 rooms in the house and they all had a TV. I think there is something about wanting to live better than you have and you slways want to see your kids live better. But I think somewhere along the line the translation got lost. The homes and junk got bigger and the families smaller. Maybe the push for higher education on the masses changed these kids who grew up with not much amenities so to speak. Everyone going to school investing into stocks and banks and because for the boomer generation outside of maybe the times of Vietnsm it worked out really well. Even the great recession of the 70s didn't last that long. It was nothing of the Greqt Depression. By the time we reached thr 08-09 recession crisis they were all almost on the way out of their careers largely. Us millennial were just getting started or not even at all. It's never really gotten better and then the covid times made it worse. I'd be hard pressed thinking everyone isn't in some form of debt. I think for the average boomer because it always worked out they could never believe the stock market is rigged or that your bank account could be wiped out at the snap of a finger. Maybe the greatest generation used banks but probably not as religiously and same with the credit cards. Not hard to get one or use one really. People splurge with those things. I never understood the phenomenon of rushing to buy something I knew on that day I couldn't afford.
  5. Haha people like Joe Biden and Donald Trump don't buy bread. Shit I'm not sure they have to buy anything. But things have been out of whack since covid times. One thing I still can't get over is "market price" for chicken wings. The Parr of the chicken they just threw out back in the day that nobody wanted. I think price gouging is intentional. People lost a lot of money being told to sit home. They can all jack up the prices and what can we do about it? Nothing. Dhit at one point weren't they just killing off chickens or disposing their eggs cause they all had some magic flu? Lol.
  6. I mean we could go further. Lol. The TVs, computers and more. You don't even necessarily needs fans or air conditioners. People lived decades without them. Sure I get it not convenient but just adding to the point. Somehow we have become trained that what was always a luxury is now necessary. Interesting how we got here. Maybe it is the boomer generation in the older years. It seemed like the generation before them was a bit more conservative on where the money went. Funny how boomers grew up in houses of like 7 or 8 standard and for them a family of 4 was a tight budget and now good luck raising kids. The smaller the families have become the more expensive it has become to live. It's assbackwards.
  7. ELMIRA TELEGRAM EDIT: Not here. No 9/11 conspiracy BS or Holocaust denial. None of it, on this site, EVER. This is your first and only warning.
  8. And Biden is a bully and a crook. Yawn they are all the same guy all selling the same bullshit. Every country is the same run by the same people and these guys are the puppet whose strings are pulled. The whole thing is one gigantic distracting shit show where innocent people will die.
  9. The real problem beyond this all being a house of cards designed to collapse is how people live. Society has turned luxuries into necessities.
  10. Funny you mention this. There is literally an operation disclosed where they admit they can't Crack the firmament eventhough they tried to no end. It was called operation fishbowl. I have no idea what CERN even exists for other then entertainment I suppose. I'm amused by those desperate to call themselves part of the truth community who are so concerned with CERN. Its as funny as the mainstream of society believing these guys can nuke it all. If they really could wouldn't they just do it? What was really stopping "Rocketman" from shooting those off? The guy who had that kid from Ohio basically murdered. Although I'm sure there is more to that story than we were ever probably told.
  11. JustAGuy

    Brand Park Pool

    I've never actually been over there but are you telling me the pool structure is still there? If the pool hasn't been operable for many years why is it's structure still up? Seems pointless?
  12. The whole alien thing is a ruse. They are already here. There is no outer space. The moon is a light not a rock. We never landed on it. Everything involving the sky is Jesuit stuff. Aliens are nothing more than demonic entities/fallen angels. AKA the people who run the world. Go find the time they rolled Gworge HW Bush on to the field for the SB in Houston. You could see the look in his eyes of a frightened man who knew his time was up and it was almost over and he knew he was evil. I mean hw was part of one of the 5 families that rule the world.
  13. You have a point, I forgot about the food aspect of the operation. I guess they all make pizzas, hot dogs and sandwiches these days. More than not though the toyal number of employees would go to people you'll never see like management. It still doesn't seem like an amazing investment for we the people. I have been to that Pilot. But one thing it really has going for it is it is a gas station. I saw no mention of there being a gas station here unless I simply just over read it. With the Pilot being a gas station you get the foot traffic for people stopping for gas. If there is no gas station here you will not get the average Joe driver just stopping in I would think.
  14. Hard to think they would create 50 permanent jobs with that. Yu need what maybe a couple of people for a store. A couple of stockers and cashiers(a store like this is obviously going to be nothing more than a convenience gas station like store) a restaurant....you obviously need servers and maybe busers(I guess that would really be up to the owner and operation being run) obviously you would need a manager of some kind but 50 total jobs seems like a complete joke and overreach and just something that they would use as a selling point. 20 employees total might even be too many if I had to really guess.
  15. That still exists? I thought that company sold out to someone from the capital region or maybe the Adirondack area if I recall. Somewhere out there. Interesting figured the operation would be closed then.
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